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BW10 - 2018

Date: April 2018

Registration Start: 6.8. 2017 - 20:00

Limited amount of tickets

Border War Black Ops 6: OP Mist Creeper

September 22-24.9.2017

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Registration start on Sunday 7th August 20:00 CET

(Previous event registration slots vere used within few hours make sure you dont miss it)

Wave 1 tickets: Sold out in apx 6 minutes xx Euro (Limited ammount of tickets)

Wave 2 tickets: Sold out in apx 6 minutes xx Euro (Limited ammount of tickets)

Last Moment and Wave 3 tickets: (Very Last Moment Tickets): 75 Euro  available untill sold out

No more tickets will be available after 1st March

                                                                               GENUINE EVENT MERCHANDICE
Event T Shirt – 15 Euro

Game side T Shirt - 15 Euro

Soft Shell Jacket - 65 Euro

Border War MILSIM BAseball Cap - 10 Euro

Game side velcro patch - 5 Euro

Army game side velcro patch - 5 Euro

BW Campaign Memorabilia Patch - 5 Euro

Airmobile ticket addon - 40 Euro

Plastic Veteran Patch - 5 Euro

Plastic Campaign Patch - 5 Euro

Ordered Merchandice will be distributed during registration on the offzone




Player list visible only under your player login

If you havent received registration mail you can find all payment information about your registration under player login as well. (Use your Nickname and password from registration)

Do not forget you have 30 days to pay your ticket fee from the day of registration!

You can see your payment details or to download the ticket here or you can use the button player login

Event merchandice you can ordeer in the registration on spot will be only limited ammount awailable.




All below listed merchandice will be available in the riegistration. All merchandice displayed will still be finetuned.

T-Shirts are Adler Heavy New type.




Veteran Plastic Shoulder Patch   Campaign Plastic Shoulder Patch  
BW9shoulderveteranpatch.png BW9shoulderpatch.png


BW9 cap  
BW9 Soft Shell Front (Design Concept) BW9 Soft Shell Back (Working Sketch)
BW9jacketfrontpng.png BW9jacketbackpng.png


BW9 T Shirts




All Game Side T Shirt will be still heavily fine tuned before printing thise are only Examples for Idea How it would bear its main designs

T Shirts are Adler Heavy New

A.F.L. Front A.F.L. Back
BW9AFLfront.png BW9AFLback.png    
TF 26 Front TF 26 Back
BW9tf26front.png BW9TFback.png
Bishop Security Front Bishop Security Back
BW9Bishopfront.png BW9BishopBAck.png
GRA Front GRA Back
BW9GRAfront.png BW9GRAback.png




Ticket information:

Tickets: Limited amount of tickets will be available for the event.

For payment details check your registration email. Or contact us on

Tickets sales ends:

In order to register for the game you will need following data: Name, Surname, Nickname, Team name, Country, City, Mobile number, e-mail, Birth date (DD-MM-YYYY).

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the event. Player needs to bring valid Photo-ID or passport in order to validate it on the spot.

Included in ticket:

:> profesionaly organised game
:> Entrance to game area
:> Water in cisterns on the bases
:> Access to toilets on the Offzone and bases area
:> 1 good quality sasage, 1 tea and 1 non alcoholic beer during the event
:> 230V sockets for battery charge in the Offzone.

Game language:
Official game language is English.

When you have booked your ticket, you have 30 days to pay. You choose if you want to pay with PayPal or with a BANK-transfer. After you have booked you will get information regarding the payment to your e-mail adress. (If not please contact us.)

If you have not been able to pay for your ticket within thirty days after you have booked, your registration would be deleted.

Participants codex

To participate in The Border War MILSIM you must accept below mentioned:

Participants codex:
:> You will follow Czech law
:> You will not be on the game area under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol
:> You will not bring any real shooting weapons to the event
:> You are eighteen years of age or older.
:> You learn all the rules posted at the webpage.
:> You will follow these rules.
:> You will follow directions of the organizers and the game masters.
:> You will not spread rumors and disinformation during the event.
:> You will bring valid identification, like a passport or a driver’s license with a picture in order to check in to the game.
:> Any violations of the law occurring in the game area will be reported to the Czech Police by the participant.
:> You attend The Border War Event at your own risk.

If you break any of the rules above your ticket will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the game area.

As a participant you must have your insurance in order and bring the relevant papers in case you need to seek medical attention at a Czech hospital. If you need to visit a hospital or dentist in a non emergency situation, Border War organizer can not arrange transportation.

Communication with the Organisers:
The ticket you buy has a unique number. Use the unique ID number while in communication with us Bring the ticket printed out on the onsite registration with you.

Organisers Responsibility

The Organizers will do all in their means to secure a highly professional level of the event.

The Organizers will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur to the participants.

The Organizers will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property of the participants before, during and after the game.

Organiser will not be accountable for infection and disease that may be contracted during and develop after the event.

The Organizer will not refund previously bought tickets. If you, due to unforeseen circumstances, will not be able to attend the event after you buy the ticket, you will have to re-sell the ticket and inform the Organizer the name of the person who will be participating with your original ticket. If for any reason the Border War MILSIM Event will be cancelled all ticketholders will be refunded. All administrative and organisational fees encountered by the organizer during the event preparation and refund or any other event related matters will be deducted from received payments before refund takes place.

The Organiser cannot guarantee any certain amount of action or fun during the event. We are responsible for providing the basis, scenario and the organizational side of the game. We hope that your participation will make the game an enjoyable event for all participants.

Organizer do not provide any transport service on the game-area. You will have to be prepared to walk to your base, camp, safe zone, respawn during, before and after the game.

Players have to agree to terms and conditions of the event as well to sign participants declaration during registration on spot in order to be able to take part in the event.

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