Days to beginning: 30


Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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Task Force 35 - Viking

Joint Operational Task Force - Sea Fury - is a combined assembly of Governmental units.

Consisiting of 45 Ranger Heavy Weapons Battalion and SOG Lighting

TF has a big fortified base and forward fortified base

SOG - Lighting is only for fully experience players with no base - all on the back for duration of the game deployement

By default Allied Units of Homeland Defence Forces HDF (Green PMC) and DOD units (Black PMC)

More detailed mission descriptions will be released with WARNO on the forum prior to the game.

TASK FORCE  is organised game side with a strict discipline - missions are based upon expected missions in such a strategical theater - Missions are distributed via JOTF HQ.

Company size unit have a chance to be inserted via helicopters into the field in Airmobile Rangers Unit. Players will join the airmobile mission and afterwards will return to their normal roster placements.

Task Force represents a modern infantry game side with strong technological support - in a way reanacting some kind of regular Heavy Infantry Units as  Marine units or Ranger Units for imagination. Players which dont have discipline and believe its a some kind of a free for all scenario - should rather join some more LARP oriented game sides...

There are up to maximum of 15 vehicle slots available for the Task Force game side in this scenario - use forum for application. Light military vehicles will be preferred.

If you wish to deploy with your Juggernauts and heavier vehicles you have a high chance that it will happen in Task Force.

Scenario Ballance: 85% Offence 15% Defence missions based upon the scenario.

We would like to reward reanacting players with Helmets and Plate Cariers widely used by specific advantages in this scenario - check below.


"Player preparation and reading materilas before game at home, makes player having right expectation before the game, and as well makes player in the picture what is the game about - all its tarts with the right dress code - Preparation makes player receiving more excitement from the game." Mike von Bulow - Game Organiser - BW Crew

"A Task Force Soldier Wears a Helmet - I dont do exept other options in my COY" Marine Sparco - A-Coy Commander 2013



Overall dresscode styling

Players should try to achieve a modern army look & be clearly identifiable.

Helmet Mandatory to all Task Force members

Allowed only Multicam type Uniforms, desert uniforms, ACU uniforms, Woodland Uniforms as French, Bundeswehr, US army and NAVY Patterns and MARPAT type are also allowed.

Only on the base TF members are allowed to wear Boonyhats, patrol caps and Berrets, for missions they must wear helmets.

SOG units (SOG is a separate fraction in registration to regular Task Force) is allowed to optionally wear multicam boonyhat with multicam uniform if they dont wish to wear helmet), Green camo uniforms are allowed for SOG only with helmet.


Regular Infantry:

Head : Helmet mandatory

Harness : Multicam Type, ACU and Desert camo patterns, Green camo patterns, Coyote, Olive

Jackets : Multicam type, MTP, ACU, Desert MARPAT and Desert camo patterns, 

Woodland Uniforms as French, Bundeswehr, US army and NAVY Patterns and MARPAT type are also allowed.



Trousers : Muticam Type, MTP, ACU, Desert MARPAT and Desert Camo patterns

Woodland Uniforms as French, Bundeswehr, US army and NAVY Patterns and MARPAT type are also allowed.


Must Wears helmets

Bonus on medical treatment for wearing a helmet.

Standard respawn time - 60 minutes



Heavy Infantry:

Head : Helmet mandatory

Harness : Multicam type, MTP, ACU, Green camo patterns, Desert camo patterns

Jackets  :Multicam type, MTP, ACU, Desert MARPAT, AOR1, Desert camo patterns

Trousers : Multicam type, MTP, ACU, Desert MARPAT, AOR1, Desert camo patterns


Woodland Uniforms as French, Bundeswehr, US army and NAVY Patterns and MARPAT type are also allowed, but for generall look MULTICAM is suggested.


Wears helmets, plate carriers & uniforms in single camo pattern

Bonus on medical treatment for wearing a helmet.

Standart respawn time - 45 minutes (-15 minutes)




Forbidden: Shemags as headwear, Baseball caps, Turbans, Pakuls, Bandanas, Barrettes out of base or parrade grounds, Green camo pattern Patrol caps, Green camo pattern and Olive boonies, Black uniforms/harness/headwear

Berets are only allowed in base or parade ground.

While wearing a beret keep in mind to be clearly identifiable to avoid possible friendly fire from base defense.


Players without sufficient dress code will have +5 hours longer respawn and will be reported to game master.

Equipment of players will be checked before every mission by Platoon leaders.


Styling pictures:

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