Days to beginning: 10


Date shifted due to Force Majeure situation (Declaration of State of Emergency due to Virus Pandemia) in Czech Repubic

New date: 11-13 September 2020



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Dear BW12 participant,

We would like to share with you following update regarding our event and everall situation in CR:

As of todays 14:00 (12.3.2020) Czech Government announced state of Emergency in CR due to increasing spread of Corona Virus.

From Saturday:

All foreign citizens from countries with virus spread are not allowed to travel across Czech border and Enter Czech Republic. Border crossing will be limited and closed by police.

Limit for public gatherings are maximum 30 people and no sports events are allowed.

Pubs will be open only in some hours

Schools are closed

And much more...

All this measures are valid for minimum of 30 days starting on Saturday until beginning to mid April – with highest possibility of extension by Government over aprill as well as was explained on Press Conference today.

This measure have been taken by Czech Government to protect its citizens from virus spread.

And in the case of stronger virus outbreak – measures will be even stricter and prolonged. We will post here governmental documents once they are on ministry pages asap.

As you understand this superior force event – Force Majeure situation came completely unexpectedly and there is nothing we can do about it as you can imagine.

We are not able due to this fact to make our event in planned time in April.

As we have announced before we have assessed all possibilities in past days and we would like to put in place – Option of moving date of the event.

It’s a much better solution for everybody than to apply total cancelation of the event and applying BW Refund policy.

In the case of any questions touching this issue please be so kind and write us email individually on .

We have to fully respect governmental order and state of emergency. We are terribly sorry for the situation but it was not our fault. Europe is facing Global Pandemic of Virus COVID – 19 and harsh measures have to be taken in place to avoid people’s health damage.

We will as well inform you on more updates.

Now better news:

We have managed to convince and prepare all involved parties in the event organisation for such an option in our cricis planning meeting including landlords in past days. Suppliers and all involved parties are ready to such action to be performed.

The new date is in September – Game on 11-13.9. 2020

Paperwork was submitted already now. All parties involved expressed their support in terms of such a crisis situation which we are very thankful for.

It’s causing as quite a huge financial loss for us anyway, but its better variant than total cancelation of the event. Event is in anyway 98% prepared and we have all things ready.

Thank you for your loyalty, solidarity, support and patience in this difficult time, you cant imagine how deaply sad we are after one year of preparation to make such a decision.

Most importantly stay healthy please, this Virus is gonna hit us hard in next few months as it seems everywhere.

Rest we will work out on the way, we are sure. We are looking forward to celebrate victory over Virus on BW12 in September – All of us, All European friends, airsoft teams, BW fans and supporters from all countries. As we always did in the past 11 years.

Thanks again for your patience and solidarity. Health First! 

Yours BW Crew


Dear MILSIMers, Border War Fans, our Loyal Supporters,

Thanks to your votes we won in the finals 8 years in the row!

Amazing sucess and achievement for history of airsoft!

New game area and game concept proven its value in this finals!

Category 13 – Best Event with 500+ people in 2019 – with Border War 11 Pestilence Blade

Check all winners here!

Thank you again for your support and loyalty, more news on the way!

Yours Border War Crew



Dear BW Fans,

We would like to share with you current status of our event preparation:

All uncovered ticket has to be covered by End of February - we will delete all unpaid by the last of February and no more tickets will be available!

All player kits and maps will be released shortly on the forum!

Last few tickets are available.

Stay tuned for more news.

With best regards your BW Crew













DOD GAME SIDE T-SHIRT                                  BW JACKET WITH LOGO

BW12DODfront.jpgBW12DODback.jpgBW11 bunda.png





Dear Border War Fans,

After carefully analysing the feedback from BW11 in our new Game Area we will bring in some of new ellements and game updates to make the game even better than it was. We are allways listening to your voice. Please find below list of planned updates. There will be more to come but this are the major ones.

TF main base will be build as a large fort (Known from BW 5 to BW10)

DOD units will have separate fort as well (Small compound with Walls) and DOD fraction will be more Combat Oriented

New larger scale game props will be installed in field to bring in new game play ellements (Brand new Feature)

Overally there will be large focus on game props improving (We are allready working on production)

New type of missions influencing game side bunuses and as well maluses based upon completion.

Terrain after the tests from last year will be as well utilised more efficiently to bring in more MILSIM

Game Sides will have 24 hours ellement which are for players who want to play nonstop.

At the night the main troops assembly area will be off limits but both major main game sides will have operating areas which need to be held non stop.

Night missions will be done with more focus on IR game props and scenario influence.

Medic rules will be simplified to eliminate wounded players running with medics holding hands. (In progress currently)

Every game side will have a different armband on hand – desertion to other fractions after registration on spot will be punished by game ban wristbands will be controlled.

CN game sides for BW12 is not available.


Great world class professionally organised nature friendly Airsoft MILSIM event with high focus on scenario, game props, and professional services and player sattisfaction. Strict player limit on each game fraction in order to have the highest game quality as possible. (On BW11 the limit was introduced and game quality significantly improved, also we had 1372 players on waiting list who were not able to join unfortunately)

24/7 medical care on the event

1x beer

Access to excellent catering with reasonable prices with the same sortiment on the both game sides.

Command by skilled HQs and Crew to run the game

Access to Great Offzone with various shops on spot and as well sponsor goodies.

Professional Chrono to ensure fairness of the game and safety.

Smooth electronic registration on spot to avoid long lines.

Organised parking and frequent logistics between game area and parking area for the players.

Acess to clean chemical toilets

Biggest Battlefield in Europe

Pricing is explained in the section tickets.

Hardocre Tickets are available for Hard-core enthusiasts who want to get their ticket for sure in HC preregistration

Later on if available through traditional waves of registration as always.

VIP tickets with base entry are limited in comparrison to BW11

VIP Parking tickets will be available only in BW shop on spot

Price of the event is not changing compared to BW11


  VIP  Add on to the ticket Includes - Awailable in Limited Numbers

VIP Add On Includes:

VIP Chrono

VIP registration

Goodies bag - Sponsor Gifts and Special BW Patch

Possible Arrival to the Offzone on Wednesday (Normal - HC Registration and Wave 1-4  BW12 Tickets have arrival Possible from Thursday Only)

VIP - Get Your Gear to Base with your Car Voucher - Permits 1x Drive in to the base - Unload Time max 20 minutes - Afterwards reparking on VIP Parking Area next to the Game Area.

VIP - 1x Get Your Gear from the Base with your Car Voucher - Loading Time max 10 Minutes (Pack Your Gear Upfront)

Drive to the Bases and Game Areas will be cordinated by Security VIP Tickets will as well receive suggested times for drive in.


Hardcore Fan Registration

In the case you are nervous if you manage to get your ticket for the 12th Edition and getting to Border War 11 makes you wake up in the middle of the night.

There is a solution for you – a new featureBorder War Hardcore Fan Limited Ticket, this tickets will be offered in limited amount for fans who want to be in game for sure and want to make sure they will have a ticket, because due to decrease of the tickets offered there will sadly be people who will not get in the game. This ticket will come together with a special Patch you cant get anywhere else than on the registration.

This tickets will be introduce for apx. 25% higher price than the wave 3 in already in AUGUST – simply if you wish to be in - for sure you can use the option of one day for hardcore fan registration - all fractions will be opened for registration based upon their fraction limits for one evening.

This is a new game feature and offer to players-  there for we are not sure how it will be used currently.

Of course remaining tickets after the Hardcore Fans Registration processing will be offered standardly in Wave 1,2,3 concept as always. If some fractions slots will be before the main registration already used, for example, small game sides or SF fractions etc. than they will not be offered for normal registration day.

There will be strictly 30 days to cover the hardcore ticket fees afterwards the unpaid tickets from hardcore registration will be deleted - registration will be set for normal Wave 1,2,3 process in September with normal pricing with less tickets deducted after HC fans registration day from the overall player limit.

That’s all what we would like to communicate for now. New Game Area, New Game Play, More Quality, High Class Player Services – how else than with full force to start a new decade J

Mike von Bulow

Border War MILSIM Founder and Managing Director

Evolution Airsoft
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