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25-27 AUGUST 2023


6th November 20:00 CET

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BW 15 - Operation Lightchaser

Official Registration will start on November 6th 20:00 CET 2022

Price: There will be no entry fee increase to previous events – meaning the price will remain the same as last four years (No matter current inflation rate 18% in CR)

Arrival: All players possible on the offzone from Thursday 24th August 8:00 AM – Chrono and Registration start 9:00 AM on spot Thursday 24th August

Sleeping on the Offzone or on the base possible from Thursday.

Game On Lunch time 25.8. - Game Off - Lunch Time - 27.8.2023 

Offzone Location  – Adventure Land - Běla pod Bezdězem

Game area same as many previous Border War MILSIMs (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 14)

Game Sides

Rebel Forces - 90% COMBAT – 10% LARP FRACTION

Task Force – 90% COMBAT – 10% LARP FRACTION

Small TF SOG Unit - 90% COMBAT – 10% LARP FRACTION


The Tribe – LARP Fraction – Expert Larpers Only

Villagers – LARP Fraction

Fractions have different limits

Planed updates

  • New game props
  • New dynamic missions based upon strategic goals and game side achievements development
  • New base Location for PMC Units
  • Fine tunings on LARP missions and Village Area
  • TF Base setup will be done differently in more logical way
  • New system of mission distribution for PMC units
  • Time windows for entering the base with civilian car
  • And more…

On spot you can expect professional services as always, catering, medical bay, security, drinkable water in tanks, chemical toilets, weapon repair station and shops.

With best regards,

Yours BW Crew

BW15 Merch and Registration options

All displayed patches are production prototypes - there will be cosmetic adjustments before final production.



Civilian Vehicle Acess to Base

If you wish to go to base with your civilian car to unload your gear before the game and load gear after the game - it is possible to buy Personal Car Acess in the registration as an option.

You will have 15 minutes to unload or load your gear.

Personal Car Acess card is allowing you to enter the base for unload once before game and and once for loading gear after the game.

Acess to bases will be allowed in the organised matter during NON GAME TIME ONLY During game play time no civilian non game vehicles are allowed in the game area.

During Game play time vehicle transport for players is available if you need to leave earlier and trasnport your gear to the offzone or consider option to sleep on the offzone if you plan to leave the game before the game finishes.

Veteran Patch 

Will be available in BW Shop on spot together with other merch.

Join our Border War MILSIM Community Site

Dear BW Fans,

we would like to invite you to join our community site HERE

You can find there first informations and as well you can see plenty of player content from the events.

With best regards,

Yours BW Crew

General News
We are currently working on the new web pages, mainly aiming on better operations on the smart phone and as well with some general facelift.

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