Days to beginning: 30


Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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Our Border War Crew information and Payment processing teams are ready to answer all your relevant questions so do not hessitate to contact us in the case you have any questions.

We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Please be so kind and send us emails in English.

Do not use Forums and Facebooks as a main stream for your communication with us, we prefere Email contact in order to make sure we can answer all the requests properly.


General email:

Use the email for questions related to the event:

General questions and inquiries.

Photographers, Camera teams and PRESS acreditations.

Sponsors and Shops primary contact.


Payment related issues:

Use the email for Payment related questions and group payment confirmation emails.


Player Changes and tickets sold to other players:

Please use the email if you are planning to sell or you have allready sold your ticket to other player before the event.

Player Roster:

Please submit your wishes with who do you want to play with in your game side.

Payment related contacts

Bank to bank money transaction
Please make sure that the transaction cost of the paymanet is covered by your side! Registration with transactions payment not done correctly will not be succesfull unless the transaction cost would be covered by you.

Group payments
If you are going to do group payment please immediatelly contact us on and send us the ticket IDs of the registered participants you want to pay for.DOnt forget to send us your bank to bank transfer confirmation for the group payment transaction as well.

For further information please write us email on


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