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BW5 smashing all records with the Warhammer!


Recent Border War 5 - OP Warhammer organized by the Border War Crew established a few new world’s MILSIM and Airsoft records.

Border War 5 - Operation Warhammer held in the Czech Republic in the former military area of Ralsko during the last weekend of April hosted players on spot from 37 countries of the world. The participants were exposed to a 50 hour intensive day and night infantry MILSIM operation in demanding weather, including intensive night ops. 

Border War 5 in April 2013 was so far the largest by the ammount of players Airsoft and MILSIM 50 hour ongoing operation organized in the Czech Republic, Europe as well as in the world.

The event hosted over 50 historical vehicles and several helicopters for in-game deployment of more than 200 airmobile players directly into the heat of the battle, setting a new Airsoft airmobile record as well.

A LARP city of ALISI featured more than 25 buildings and was inhabited by more than 300 LARP players, who interacted with the main game scenario with a special LARP game running in parallel to the infantry ops.

Border War Charity

The Border War Charity project was introduced to the world for the first time; this year it was sponsored mainly by G&G Armaments, Gun Fire, Bohemia Airsoft, Adventure Food, Voodoo Tactical, Airsoft Community Europe, LAhve SOS, Military Gear Center, and Tiger Tailor. The charity lucky draw was a big success with more than 400 prices distributed among the players during the event. The funds raised during this Charity action will be used to support children group homes in Central and Northern Bohemia.

Border War supported by the Czech Army

Also, this year’s Border War MILSIM was for the first time visited by representatives of the Czech Ministry of Defense and Czech Army; a special exhibition of photographs from the latest deployment of Czech Army in Afghanistan was displayed in the Off zone, presenting this important piece of the Czech modern history to participants from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Shops and Sponsors

The Off zone traditionally offered a large variety of airsoft products, goodies to receive from the sponsors as well as shops offering equipment for airsoft players; many gifts and samples from the sponsors were given to players for free and they had a chance to put their hands on the new products. Main sponsor of the event was G&G Armaments with lot of goodies which were distributed to players during the event. Traditional professional catering accompanied the entire event with excellent food for reasonable prices and a great non-alcoholic Czech beer.

Behind the Scenes

BW5 preparation including the several pre-scenarios supporting the pregame development took 10 months. On-spot BW Crew consisted of 140 people on spot.

Because We Care

Border War MILSIM was again supported by professional medical services provided by the company Medevac ( 3 Ambulances, more than 30 paramedics in jeeps and on quad bikes, a surgeon and internist doctors were present throughout the game, medical readiness for the event was set to Nato Role / Echelon 2 medical standard and, being ready to help all players in need within 2 minutes after being notified via phone or radio at any place on the large battlefield

According to experience of most of the Medevac crew from missions abroad  we adopted Role / Echelon 2 medical preparation set up which is a higher level of medical services on spot outdoors. For example, on a music festival with 20 000 people standard is to have Role 1 – Role 3 is an army field hospital, Role 4 is a Town Hospital. Of course the event was also supported by local firefighters and police department. Safety of the players is Border War organizers´ first priority.

The unique Top six of Border War 5

  • Highest number of players on spot and playing more than 40 hours in a row (2300 players)
  • Largest Airmobile deployment in the airsoft history (200 players)
  • Largest LARP city with on spot built structured buildings in the Airsoft history (Including the 3 storey complex of the Bank of Alisi) (25 constructed buildings)
  • Most advanced medical and safety standard of any Airsoft events in Europe (Role 2 Achelon medical set up – 30+ professional medical crew on spot)
  • Largest organizing the Crew ever performed in organizing an airsoft event in Europe (Maybe in the world)
  • Largest usage of PES (Personal Eye System) by Milsistematika on an Airsoft event (104 devices)

About the organizer

Border War Crew have organized large scale international Airsoft games since 2008 and they have in their portfolio more than 85 events organized since 2003.

One of the major accomplishments was receiving an Award by readers of Popular Airsoft Magazine, when Border War 4 was voted the best Airsoft event of the world in February 2013. The Award was handed over to the organizer on IWA2013 fair in Nurnberg, Germany, in February 2013.


About The Scenario:

The scenario of Operation Warhammer brought players to the equatorial Kingdom of Zagra, where Kings Royal Army launched a massive offensive against rebel forces of the People’s Army of Zagra (PAZ). The main points of interests of both fighting sides were diamond and silver mines in the Lungo Norte province. The fighting armies managed to hold silver and diamond mines as they fought each other in the hard battles. Getting the slum town of ALISI to support any of the game side and hiring PMC forces to support the operation were demanding special tasks that had to be considered very carefully by HQs of both fighting armies. Border War 5 freely developed the story line of Border War 1, held in 2009, and was actually started with a Border War - Black Ops pre event in September 2012 as a living scenario where the Operation Warhammer closed the developed campaign of other pre events.

Operation Warhammer Scenario resume:

On the Friday sunny morning, Task Force 56 assembled from Royal Army of Zagra 17th Battalion “Grand Zagra” and the Allied MEF expeditionary Forces gathered next to the Task Force 56 base for an epic parade.

The Kings Representative held a speech in front of 1000 troops, motivating them to the upcoming battle. Right after the speech, on King’s command, Task Force 56 opened the invasion by helicopter deployment of forward units to the PAZ rebel controlled territory. The airmobile units took control of the so called Old Colonial Fort as a spearhead of the upcoming invasion. Columns of TF56 heavy infantry and mechanized units followed right after the airmobile deployment, marching to the heat of the battle, very well motivated, down to the savannah of the Lungo Norte province.

At the same time, PAZ HQ under command of the rebel general called Red Scorpion was planning a defensive operation against the upcoming Task Force units. Sudden Task Force 56 airmobile insertion spotted by the PAZ LRRP units called “Crocodile Volunteers” led to an instant change of plans and a quick reaction of the PAZ rebels HQ to the unexpected offensive; first waves of rebel forces were thrown to the field in order to immediately counter the attack of the approaching Task Force.


On the Central and Eastern front of the battlefield, both armies managed to occupy the given objectives and made many attempts to attack and counterattack each other over the San Salvadore silver mines and Liselotte Coal Mine. First Emissaries were also sent to ALISI slum town to explore the slum and find out what was going on there.

The Battle over the Old Colonial Fort took more than 8 hours of intensive fighting between TF56 and PAZ units. In the heat of the battle, the Task Force defenders run out of water, and in the blazing sun they got on the edge of their strength and dehydration. In order not to give up this important strategic point by pulling back the troops, the Task Force commander Ville Tsombe Hades decided to send a mechanized convoy with many liters of potable water to support his Airmobile Units and to bring back the heavily wounded. Task Force Kilo Company supported by infantry fought their way to the old fort to resupply the fort defenders with water and ammo. This action helped to hold the fort much longer, it bound the attention of the PAZ forces to the western front and left the central and eastern front weakened to provide advantage to the TF units invading in these areas.


Finally, in the late afternoon hours, PAZ (G-Coy) managed to take control of the Old Colonial Fort after many casualties on both sides. The Battle of the Old Colonial Fort became definitely one of many memorable situations of the event.

Clear skies of Friday evening and the full moon set out a perfect ground for the night operation, which rolled to the early morning. Friday night operation brought many tactical ambushes and small tactical night fights among all fighting sides across the entire battlefield, including both base perimeters. In the meantime, the city of ALISI continued with its gang struggles between Rusty Machetes and Black Skull gangs. During the night, Muhehe, “Storm Bringer” Shaman of the Old Raven wing cult, came to the village, bringing dark clouds over the battlefield together with cold rain, dropping the temperature from 27 degrees on Friday to 13 degrees Celsius on Saturday. The Bank of ALISI, a three floor fortress with several machine gun towers, successfully started to operate, generating lot of black money to use for the fighting sides in exchange for raw resources scavenged on the battlefield.


Saturday daylight brought into the rainy morning a deployment of 2 wings of PAZ airmobile troops serving as forward units for a massive PAZ counteroffensive. The landing zone was supposed to be secured by the PAZ LLRP units, but PAZ rebels suddenly found themselves landing in the hot LZ. K.E.S.S. PMC units started fighting with the PAZ rebels over the LZ right after the landing had been completed. Nevertheless, the marching columns of PAZ militias on the Eastern flank quickly recaptured the LZ and, at the same time, PAZ units managed to capture all mining stations throughout the battlefield and started hauling many resources for the rebels’ treasury. Having found that the LZ is too hot, the PAZ command used one of its strongholds to fire a rocket barrage to the western perimeter of the Task Force base. This preventive strike bought time in holding the Task Force at the base instead of launching quick counter attack against the landing PAZ airmobile units.

The rocket barrage created havoc. Task Force general called an alert of potential strike with biochemical weapons, which resulted in most of the western perimeter of the base turning into a gas mask trench line. Soon after the rocket explosions, first TF56 mechanized scouts in biochemical suits appeared from the smoke, searching the terrain for virus spread by PAZ biochemical units. After few tests, the biochemical alert was called off as no virus had been detected.

The Task Force launched a counter-offensive right after that. During Saturday, heavy fighting was reported on all fronts. Veterans mentioned as most heroic moments the Battles of Sandy Hills and Water Reservoir, where many acts of heroism occurred on both fighting sides.

Gang complots in the city of ALISI escalated and forced the Grand Colonel of ALISI to summon tribunals to judge law breakers. The boiling atmosphere of the slum was kept under control by the Bocalan Inc, keeping order in the slum with the Banks machine gun towers. In the meantime, shaman “Storm Bringer” started gathering his cultists and they started summoning various savannah spirits with the frantic beat of the drums. By accident, shaman was trialed by the Colonel and publicly executed by PMC murderers. Unfortunately this act brought shaman’s curse over the battlefield resulting in the incoming heavy storm in the evening hours. Despite the shamans curse, PAZ units platoon B-3 and B-4 managed to accomplish a special mission and help escort foreign agents who were able to negotiate a safe heaven for the PAZ treasury in a foreign country.


Saturday night continued with a large night operation where all involved game sides searched for remains of a special cargo plane shot down by a TF56 AA site. During the night, the PAZ rebels also managed to assemble a massive convoy and managed to evacuate a lot of wounded soldiers together with a large deposit of raw silver and diamonds out of the battlefield to an unknown foreign country; according to a Task Force intelligence report, one of the wounded soldiers was the Rebel Commander Red Scorpion, who was supposed to be heavily wounded by Task Force 56 Commandos during the early night raid of PAZ base. This information was not 100% confirmed.

Saturday night also brought rebel raiders in some perimeters of the Task Force base, leaving minor causalities among troops, one HQ officer was confirmed KIA after he was captured making an inspection of the perimeter. The fighting continued all over the battlefield throughout the night, despite the heavy cold rain.

On Sunday morning, in chilly 6 degree Celsius temperature, both armies started fighting each other with the full force and no mercy again. The Task Force mechanized columns started rolling towards the PAZ base on the Eastern front of the battlefield. Finding PAZ rebels (B-3, B-4 platoons) implementing Nuevo Ordenar on villagers of ALISI in practice, atrocity sites were secured after some minor fighting and horrified civilians were rescued after the intervention of K.E.S.S. and Privateer and Consulting Inc. PMC corporations against the PAZ. Unfortunately, most of the village was deserted after the slaughter, some people spoke about daemon spirits crawling into the village and eating civilians at night as a revenge of the shaman while other people said that the PAZ rebels had killed the villagers. No one knows where the truth is. The fact is that, according to Minacuan Bureau of intelligence (MIB) Report of ODA 145 Black Hammer squadron, reports said that daemon spirit possessions and hallucinations often occurred among villagers and PMC units. Also, at night, C-3 and C-4 units of TF56 managed to fight off some strange being; platoon leaders agreed on some tropical mass hallucinations effect after friendly fire was resolved. Independent reporters are soon going to reveal more convincing story on the BWN news.


Both Task Force and PAZ rebel bases were continually under siege during Sunday; heavy fighting was reported at the eastern minefield perimeter, HQ was not destroyed though when a part of the base was swamped by the incoming PAZ units. At the PAZ base in the front perimeter, an unspecified mob of the lost tribe of Raven Wing led by shaman Storm Bringer himself suddenly appeared among the Task Force mechanized infantry units – it is believed as another folklore myth but in practice the cult was somehow supporting the Task Force units in pushing the rebels back to the jungles.

In general, the rebel army was very successful in fulfilling the economic goals and managed to get many resources to support future revolutions. Task Force 56 was giving the rebels quite a hard time, accomplishing most points of their offensive plans.

Well, and had it not been Game Off by Sunday lunch time, both parties would most probably have fought each other until today J

The after match:

BWN Reporter Julia: So how was fighting the Task Force this year, Commander Red Scorpion?

Red Scorpion: oh it was terrible - we were expecting a bunch of tired heavy armored troops with Hamburgers and Roller Coaster and instead we had to fight against a very organized and well motivated legion of profs who were giving us quite a hard time and pushing us to the edge in some parts of the game. A few times we were fighting off the incoming Task Force to the last man, including my HQ personnel. I must give this year’s personal salute to the Task Force troops. As compared to last year, I have never met such a tough and organized opponent. It was such a pleasure to lead my troops against them.

I’m honored I was able to cross swords with such a tough opponent. My personal greetings also go to TF 56 HQ. You did a great job; we felt it a lot during the game :).

It was clearly visible that in general, this year, players on both game sides had done a lot of preparations for the game in advance; it was obvious on players leading the PAZ troops as well as on performance of the Opponent.

BWN Reporter Julia: So, now, let us ask the commander of TF56 what he thinks. Commander Hades, what are you feelings now, right after the battle? I saw you commanding the defense of your base in front line with your troops during Sunday.

Ville Tsombe Hades: I feel great, it was quite demanding last 50 hours but I really enjoyed leading troops to fight against the rebels this year. It was an epic battle from my point of view, and I’m happy with the outcome. I’m very happy with the Task Force 56 performance!. Also, I must say that the PAZ rebels were very tough opponents to fight against as always, but this time we came well prepared and I’m sure the boys on the other side felt it quite a few times, according to the mission debriefs I received :).

I would like to thank all players on all of the 5 game sides for a great game. I hope to see you all next year.

BWN News: Now let’s ask the main organizer. Mike how do you see the event yourself after all these months of preparation?

Mike BW Crew: I’m personally very happy with the event outcome, I have seen a lot of smiles on people’s faces and, in general, we have by now received very positive feedback from the event. Also, I’m proud of the BW Crew making so far the best event, from my point of view, we have ever made. I already see some points for improvements, but it will be just cosmetics :). Now we need to analyze in detail the feedback from the players and I think we will soon start working on Border War 6.





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