Days to beginning: 30


Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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Border War MILSIM - Episode X – THE BEAST SLAYER

Celebrating a Decade of Border War MILSIM with Armor and Choppers

Border War MILSIM X – THE BEAST SLAYER has marked a decade of ongoing MILSIM games created by the Border War Crew by offering further outstanding experience to the players. The BW Crew has again pushed the benchmark further in the sense of extended battlefield, higher levels of operational performance and a new style of gameplay. Border War MILSIM – THE BEAST SLAYER is a significant milestone in airsoft history.


Border War MILSIM 10th Episode – The Beast Slayer was held in Czech Republic in the first half of April at the Ralsko former military area. Participants came from over 33 countries from around the globe. The players experienced intensive 50 hour day and night infantry MILSIM battle engagements under demanding weather conditions affecting a large scale terrain. A festive party with a celebration concert was held on Wednesday night to mark ten years of MILSIM the Border War Way. Free merchandise was handed out during the show to the cheerful crowd of Border War fans, beer was flowing and the happy crowd sang along to the classic rock songs performed by a well-known Prague band called Free Ride.


Border War 10 has again offered enhanced services to the players. Fast pace registration completed in two days prior to the event created a registration speed record in Border War History- all participants were registered by 17:00 Thursday without ques and drag. Border War 10 has again secured its position of a leader in Airsoft MILSIM event organizing.


BW 10 traditionally hosted historical vehicles, including the in-game BVP-1 which was last seen at Border War 1, and VTOL aircraft for in-game drop of airmobile players into the heat of the battle, fortified bunkers, antitank obstacles, armored vehicles, ammo crates, rockets, satellites and much more including brand new game props planted across key game locations intensifying the game experience.


The game area got significantly extended for the jubilee event creating the largest battlefield used for Airsoft gaming in Europe up to date.

A LARP city featured 21 buildings, and was attached to the PMC barracks. LARP element this year had around 150 LARP characters performing in the game scenario.


Community Assistance Program

Border War MILSIM is actively participating in the Local Community Assistance program offering sponsorship to projects enhancing the infrastructure of the locality where the events take place.


Cooperation with Natural Park

A pilot biotope cultivation project was held together with the Natural Park and Department of Forestry, where tracked vehicles returned to the area for the first time since 1991. Former military presence in the area has created a specific biotope, which is finally diminishing. The BVP-1 cultivation ride was under the strict supervision of Natural Park Engineers creating with its tracks special nesting areas for vertebrae species. This was a project we have been preparing for 5 years and so far it is a great success. There have been much more Ecology focused features done in synergy with the event. The Biotope cultivation project is solely financed by the Border War Crew.


Cooperation with the Forest Bureau

After Border War 9 where some roads were damaged by player vehicles moving through mud resulting from heavy rain the, this year the Border War Crew has repaired a significant part of the forest roads in the game area, bringing in bulldozers and 120 tons of gravel to upgrade the roads for subsequent use by BW ambulances and logistic units. Players were able to experience the new roads build for faster ambulance performance and logistic supply in the area of Guerrilla FOB. Forrest road building was completely financed by the Border War Crew without any monetary support of other authorities.


Support to local Municipality

Town of Běla pod Bezdězem received a sponsor gift to support a local Kindregarden in gratitude for allowing us to hold these events for a decade. The City Mayor has again visited our event and congratulated us with the jubilee anniversary.


Celebration of 100 Years of the creation of the Czech Republic

A very Special exhibition about the history of the Czech Legions and the Battle of Zborov was made available during the event. The exhibition was displayed by the Ceskoslovenska Obec Legionarska (Czechoslovak Union of Legionnaires) and allowed the participants to learn more about the history of our country.


Cooperation with Ministry of Defense

The Czech Ministry of Defense provided us with a 6 panel exhibition about Czech Troops deployment in Mali.


Border WAR MILSIM Hero Medals

A special ceremony was held before the game where 25 players were awarded by special Border War MILSIM Hero Medals. These decorations were given to all who have significantly and outstandingly contributed to improving this gaming event in the past decade.


Sponsors and shops

Pilsner Urquell was a main partner in terms of beer supply and we have gain brought back Birel the Best Non Alcoholic beer supplier since Border War 2. Golden Sponsor of the event was Valken Tactical, Specna Arms, Gunfire, ASG (Action Sport Games), Wiley X, G and G Armaments and ICS. BBs merchandise and replicas were distributed to the participants to test replicas before the game and in-game as well. This event was also supported by the Bohemia Airsoft Shop, Code Red Headsets, Pistol Accademy, Jackets to Go and 365+ tactical shop.


Logistic support

Off zone offered a large variety of airsoft products, shops with equipment for the airsoft players, and a lot of free gifts and samples from sponsors. The players had a chance to get a hold off new products as well. Traditional professional catering accompanied all of the event with excellent food for reasonable prices together with the acclaimed non-alcoholic Czech beer.


Behind the Scenes

BW10 preparations including a few pre-scenarios complementing the pregame creation took 10 months. On site BW had over 200 staff. Thanks to the top level of the organization of Border War games we were allowed to use the extended large area of the Natural Park for four year in the row. A large scale inspection by the Park’s Forest Rangers this year has again confirmed the high level of professionality of our team. They have been pleased with our use of Points of Interest banners instead of pre-built constructions (that are not allowed in natural parks). The BW crew has once again received very positive feedback from the authorities monitoring the organizational aspect of the event.


Player safety and Medical care

Border War MILSIM’s main focus is the safety of the players via the provision of medical services by the Association of Czech Samaritans who offer an outstanding level of health care for the players. 9 Ambulances, more than 45 paramedics on jeeps and quad bikes, together with doctors were present during the duration of the game enabling high levels medical alert. There have secured a world leading level of health and safety provisions for this airsoft event. On site Security was provided by a professional Security Company Čechymen who have enjoy a reputation for securing large scale events such as the NATO days in Ostrava.


The local Fire Brigade and Police department were also supporting this event. Ensuring the Health & Safety of the players is essential for the success of our enterprise.



The unique achievements of Border War 10

  • Fastest booking registration for the event in airsoft history – sold out in a few minutes in July 2017
  • Fastest on-site electronic registration via in Border War MILSIM history
  • Nature friendly event – Pilot project of Biotop Cultivation activated.
  • Forrest roads have been enhanced to improve the game area logistics prior to the game
  • Largest game battlefield ever used in Europe and probably in the world
  • Largest Airmobile drop in airsoft history
  • BVP-1 tracked vehicle employed
  • Largest LARP city in Airsoft history (Including the heavily fortified castle and large scale fortified Task Force base, PSF base, DEA and CN base)
  • Most advanced health and safety standards applied at an Airsoft event in Europe and probably in the world
  • Largest Game Crew ever used to set up and execute an airsoft event in Europe (Maybe in the world) over 200 people.
  • The abundance of Game Props required a couple of large trucks to transport them.
  • 17 chrono stations manned by 25 Border War Chrono Crew managed to accomplish the speediest chrono checks for airsoft equipment compatibility ever in Airsoft history in the Czech Republic. Special thanks go to Romeo 1 and Sebastian and his team of Chrono volunteers.
  • Several heavy trucks were used to transport players in-game and off-game
  • Corporate Responsibility Program – support to development of local region
  • Festive Concert first time in Border War MILSIM history
  • Border War Hero Medals were awarded by the BW Crew to players who had made significant contributions to the event in the past decade.




About the organizer

Border War Crew organize large scale international Airsoft MILSIM games since 2008 with more than 117 organized events since 2003 in its portfolio.


Border War MILSIM was six times voted as the best Airsoft event in the world by readers of Popular Airsoft Magazine. In 2017 Border War MILSIM entered the Hall Of Fame of Popular Airsoft thanks to 5 victories in a row scored by the same team in history of airsoft.


About the scenario


The fictional scenario landed the players at the jungles of Minacuan where a government Task Force Centurion executed a counter insurgency operation against guerrilla forces. The game incorporated another 4 player factions: DEA, PSF, CN Observers and Civilians with completely independent scenario lines from main Task Force - Guerrilla Encounter. The scenario was inspired by South American drug war themes but without any concrete reenactment focus.


Weather was nearly perfect for the event with unusually warm nights in comparison with past events.



Short game flow summary:


There have been hundreds of small missions implemented throughout the event so here is the main game flow summary.


Guerrilla forces threatened by a buildup of government troops have speeded up the harvesting of coca leaves employing local villagers and guerrilla infantry to process them into large quantities of coca paste before the fields are destroyed by the Task Force. Guerrilla logistic teams have provided the processing factory with resources needed for large scale production of coca paste. The paste was later on delivered to clandestine PSF laboratories where it was turned into the final product. The PSF, who were financed by an offshore cartel,  smuggled the final products to a PSF castle stronghold where they were turned to final achievement points.


DEA Units who were not aware until the end of the game that PSF was a fraction representing the cartel, nevertheless managed to capture a lot of the leaf harvest, intel and final products. PSF did not manage to plunder archeological excavation sites with the Incan artefacts due to a strong presence of CN Observer units. CN Observers managed to effectively protect the civilians. LARPers contributed immensely by creating hundreds of special missions and sub quests enriching the entire scenario. Both DEA and PSF managed to protect their stockpiles from being overrun by opponents. Occasionally the spirit of Great Inca appeared in the village involving all surrounding players in a special performance.


Task Force - Guerrilla encounter strategic outcome:

Both game sides performed quite well in terms of reaching tactical objectives and securing various key strategic points in the field. TF recon units scouted the harvest cooperative locations before executing organized raids; Guerrilla forces offered first class defense of the production sites and managed to escort paste to PSF laboratories. TF units managed to eliminate 4 people from the wanted list and had mortally wounded General Red Scorpion while raiding the Guerrilla FOB. The Guerillas, on their part, organized a lot of attacks on TF FOB and its surroundings inflicting heavy damage to TF raiding units. None of the main bases has fallen to enemy hands; nevertheless, both were constantly besieged during this dynamic scenario. In conclusion, Task Force managed to inflict heavy losses on the guerilla forces, while the guerillas managed to fulfill their strategic production quotas, while performing active offensive maneuvers against TF units in the area. Many new game props have been used in the game to enrich the overall game experience.


In general, all sides performed very well as confirmed by all representatives in the game. I would say it was a quite challenging multi mission large-scale scenario with a rapidly changing operative situation. It was professionally managed by all HQs who engaged in measures to monopolize on the tactical superiority on the playing sides.


I would like to mainly thank all BW Trustees, Game Masters, Coy Commanders and PLT commanders for leading the players to their objectives. You have done a great job!


We have evaluated the feedback from the players sent electronically and we have received a very positive response.

In conclusion, BW10 was a successful event, achieving yet another significant milestone in airsoft history.


Allow me once again to thank all the players for their trust and loyalty to this event!  It would all be impossible without your quality gameplay and dedication! We are looking forward to seeing you next year at the Border War MILSIM 11th episode called The Pestilence Blade!


Mike von Bulow and the BW Crew




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