Days to beginning: 82



Date: 13.-15.4.2018

Registration Start: 9.7. 2017 - 20:00


PSF Fraction currently full

Last tickets remaining in other fractions

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Dear friends and supporters and Border War Fans,

Thanks to your votes in the decembers nominations - we are in the finals for the Sixth time - thank you for your nominations your trust and loyalty! 

Now its time to vote and defend our 5 vistories in the row in the Popular Airsofts Awards!

We are nominated in the categories:
12-best video published online in 2017-by PLATIN BOX
13-best event airsoft of more than 500 players in 2017-Border War 9 "Dogs of War"

Thank you  in advance to continue to bring us your support for the final vote at: Playerschoice.Popularairsoft.Com  

P.S.: Remember every vote has a chance to win prices from the Awards sponsors!


Dear MILSIMers and Border War Fans,

This years high demand for the jubileum aniversary event made all game capacity for BW10 almost full a bit earlier than was expected, there are just last tickets remaining, some of the fractions are allready booked and overbooked. There are as well some tickets which will be shortldy deleted which might still open some space in some of the full fractions.

If you still didnt manage to register and plan to attend the event we highly reccomend to do so ASAP - becuase you might not have a chance to do so later.

Thanks all loyal fans and BW veterans for trust and support, we are looking forward to amazing event in April!

Yours BW Crew

All below listed pictures are first samples which will still be finetuned


Patches will still receive a finetunning to upper detail










BW10 T Shirts

All below listed merchandice will be available in the registration. All merchandice displayed will still be finetuned.

T-Shirts are Adler Heavy New type.













Border War 10 anniversary party

Be part of our anniversary party and concert on Wednesday evening. A must see for all new visitors as well as BW veterans.

Border War 10 will be the most valued game of all time. We have made plants for a lots of investments and improvements to bring you an unforgettable large scale MilSim airsoft event. Get registered once tickets will be available!


Your Border War 10 Tickets will also includes new features:
·        Early arrival possibility already on Wednesday morning to the Offzone
·        Registration and Chrono starting Wednesday 12:00 – less stress for participants
·        All electronic registration starting from wednesday
·        2x Fast lane registration on Thursday to cover the peaks when most participants ussually arrives
Your Border War 10 Tickets covers more than ever.
·         Participation of the most awarded MilSim large scale game in Europe.
·         Full scale game organization
·         Partner shops with lots of gear in the offzone
·         Enriched game props on POI compared to BW9
·         Additional fortifications for DEA and CN supplementing fortified TF base and PSF compund
·         New game area extension (we are working on that currently)
·         In-game vehicles without extra payment (registration and approval requested)
·         Truck transporter from Offzone to Guerilla base (Thursday Friday and Sunday)
·         5 Drinking water stations all over the game area - water available for all duration of the event
·         6 catering spots all over the game area including offzone open from the morning to the evening
·         Voucher for food (non-alcoholic beer, tea, sausage)
·         40+ members plus 6 vehicles of professional medical care on spot
·         50+ members of crew for parking and security including road crossing
·         70+ dixi toilets for your comfort – emptied regularly



11.04.2018 | 1000       Early Bird Arrival in Offzone

11.04.2018 | 1200       Registration opens; chrono begins

11.04.2018 | 1900       BW10 Anniversary party and concert

12.04.2017 | 0900       General registration opens, stores open and buffet operates

13.04.2017 | 0800       Commanders speeches

13.04.2017 | 1000       Mission briefings and deployments for game

13.04.2017 | 1200       Game Start


15.04.2017 | 1200       Game end


There is much more in in your Border War 10 ticket. But due to the notably change in CZK/EUR ratio, we have to raise game ticket value by 2.5% for all tickets in all waves.

Be part of it – be there at the anniversary event.

We are looking forward to see you soon, and wish you good luck with registration.

Your Border War Crew




Registration to Border War Black Ops 6 Operation Mistcreeper have open - check HERE for more details

Date: 22.9.-24.9. 2017

Limited ammount of tickets

Game area, scenario and other details available at:




Ticket sale will be opened on 9th July- There is a limited ammount of tickets for the Event who comes fist comes first. All ticket waves will be released at the same day.

Airmobile ticket number will be reduced on TF side.

More Information - Including scenario and final proce will be released soon. Check for planned upgrades below.

Event will take place in first half of April 2018 exact date is being decided now and negotiated with authorities.



Dear MILSIMers,

We hope you had good experience on our previous events and we are glad we have due to your trust and loyalty combined with years of experience and game play development approach we stand on the treshold of our Jubileum 10th Aniversary.

We had carefully studied your feedback and found things to improve based upon your interesting suggestions in fields of game development and player service - your voice is and allways was very important for us.

On Border War 9 we had allready fine tuned some previous bugs, but we are currently working on some new approaches to update game player experience and exciting moments in game.

We want to enable players to experience a very interesting demanding missions, of course requiring player discipline skills and pre game preparation.

We will again more strongly enforce game rules as well we might make small rules update.

Vehicles – vehicles will be again used but there will be a bit different game side distribution key – this year damage to forrest roads due to rain was intense done by few vehicles mainly on AFL side of map – it costed lot of money to repair apx 1km of forrest roads. Its very possible that some vehicles will be restricted to its weight. We can’t be repairing forrest roads after every game its not acceptable by the landlords.

More mechanized technical units will be by default possible in larger limit on TF side. As TF is more technologicaly advanced side by scenario. Vehicles will be as well approved in the forum as allways. Lightweight military vehicles preferred. We suggest all players which plan to put their vehicle into the ingame approval proces that there will be much higher chance on Task Force side to have it be sucessfull than on Guerrileros side which is planned to be more infantry and footmobile orriented. Juggernauts will be on the TF side approved with higher preference.

Game scenario will bring us to anti narco operation in Minacuan Mountains where guerillas play significant role in drug distribution among cartels and their thugs. You can see a first prescenario information on our Black Ops site. Scenario will be released shortly.

TF Base: will receive small facelift

SF units will be introduced on TF side and only on TF side - minimum 10 player team can apply but it does not mean you will be accepted. Applications are possible from TF Infantry enlisted and approved roster. Expected is full gear for 3 days on your feet – no offzone sleepers no support from anybody – misery index high and low player comfort expected. More information will be published later. SF units will have separate Command from Infantry Units - But strongly coordinated.

Airmobile units will be traditionally available. We will bring some update on tickets for airmobile based upon this years experince with non flying conditions before ticket release.

Night missions will be as well upgraded.

Some important Game points of interest will be as well upgraded in some special way.

Ticket release: We might be shifting registration day for one month earlier. We need to close final registration One month earlier as well.

Ticket changes option will be as well updated and will be available before official ticket release.

Ticket price: Due to a finished program of Czech Central Bank approach to support of Czech Crown in End of April, We would have to slightly rise the cost for the event maximum up to 2 Euros on all ticket waves to cover this currency balance loss. Will be fixed before registration day based upon currency course.

Field extension: Currently we are working on possibilities to extension of the battlefield by apx 20% its currently being negotiated with authorities and landlords.

CN Observers mission will be possible in limited numbers as on Border War 9 introduced on Border War 10. Base location will be moved closer to LARP city based upon player feedback.

LARP elements will be as well upgraded to next level and slightly changed.

Catering: more tables will be brought to catering and smoking areas.

Ticket amount will be limited – who comes first comes first. Unpaid tickets will be as well deleted faster.

We are already looking forward to BW10 and currently we are already working on it.

Stay tuned for more news,

Yours BW Crew




Ministry of Defence a strategic partner of Border War MILSIM events


Border War MILSIM just recently confirmed with Ministry of Defence of Czech Republic strategic partnership on BW9.
Ministry of Defence will be featuring a interesting program features during the event - so far not seen...   

Border War MILSIM - Episode 7


Border War MILSIM - Episode 6 

Border War MILSIM - Episode 5



Videos from Border War 1,2,3,4 and more...

You can see Border War MILSIM videos here.

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