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BW10 - THE SIEGE - 2018

Date: First Half of April 2018 will be soon confirmed

Registration Start: 9.7. 2017 - 20:00

Limited amount of tickets

Border War Black Ops 6: OP Mist Creeper

September 22-24.9.2017

Registration Start: 1st of June 20:00

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As a participant you shall expect to be a part of a large scale tactical airsoft MILSIM scenario, where you will be contributing to perform goals of your game side. Like a small wheel ina big machine. In order to do so be sure you will be asked to walk some distances, meabe sleep less than ussually you do and to spend some time outside in any weather plus many more standard MILSIM features.

As a Squad Leader you shall expect to be leading your troops and to receive orders missions from your Platoon leader.

As a Platoon leader you shell expect to receive missions for your platoon from the HQ.



Wrom the organisers and point of you we expect that in order for you and the others to enjoy the event you shall come prepared for it - preparation shall start few weeks before the event. Reading materials on the way is not enought.

1. Read study and understand the rules
2. Study the scenario and maps
3. Have proper gear and accessories (Radios, compass etc.)
4. If you dont speak English learn some basic phrazes before the event
5. Be fair and have respect to opposite game side
6. If you are unsure of your physical abilities - train before the game
7. You will receive all needed information before hand throught your game side forum and osome on your e-mail.
8. Gain access and read the forum
9. If you have questions towards the missions ask your HQ come with proposals and solutions. Proactive approach is welcomed.
10. Perform given missions
11. Came on time on the game and to briefings



1. Speedball game (Fast encounter event)
2. Small game area
3. Tons of BBs shot
4. That you will be explained everything to  the last detail on spot by HQ or ORG stuff. All needed information you will receive before hand on time in order to study it and prepre for it. We want ready players to come to HQ for missions being eble to start performing in few minutes.





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