Days to beginning: N/A

BW10 - THE SIEGE - 2018

Date: First Half of April 2018 will be soon confirmed

Registration Start: 9.7. 2017 - 20:00

Limited amount of tickets

Border War Black Ops 6: OP Mist Creeper

September 22-24.9.2017

Registration Start: 1st of June 20:00

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We are not going to tell you what to pack with you but find below suggestions as a guidance if you are unsure...

Safety googles
A must have for the event!

Bring small whistle for you – for the case of emergency

Medical kit
Small medical kit is a must have for every MILSIMEr

We can’t really predict the weather forecast there for we highly suggest to have all weather equipment. Be ready for hotter day but chilly night.

Sleeping bag
Have a loping bag that has comfort around -5 so you can sleep in chilly night  in some comfort.

Pen and pencil
To make notes on the briefings.

Thermo foil
Must have of every MILSIMer

Have enough water bottles or camel bag to carry around 2,5 liters of water

Salt and Ionts
You will be walking quite some during the event, we highly recommend to pack some salted peanuts and iont drinks with you to reduce the muscle pain.

Poncho or Tent
If you are not used to sleep under poncho bring a small tent – in green or camo colour – don’t bring bright and colorful tents not to damage the atmosphere.

Have a webbing that can help you to carry at least 6 mags and water, small backpack might be handy.

PMR or better radio is a must on the event.

A must nothing to add...

Para cord or a rope 10m
Definitely shall be a standard equipment of every player

3 Light sticks – Red, Blue, White
Very handy for signalization in the night

Search light (torch) with red filter
Must have of every MILSIMer

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