Days to beginning: 30


Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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Border War MILSIM - Episode 12 - Scenario

The Storm Lord

The fictional scenario will take place in Northern Chena a strategic industrial mining area of Kenai Republic. Area of operation is not far from Umrian borders in a low populated dense forest area. The inhabitants in the deep forest were all ways northern native tribes prospectors and various outcasts, who came here to settle centuries ago during a gold rush era. In the area are governmental and independent mining facilities focusing on crude oil and gold mining as well native sacred sites are present.

After the latest tight presidential election in Chena part of the population of border regions shown strong disappointment with the newly elected president. The first presidential decisions with a kind of dictator style approach forced some unpopular changes oppression rights of of several minorities in the country. Citizens of Chena area vere struck by this laws the most.

Some of the settlers initiated strikes and rallies, heavily fueled by propaganda broadcasts and all country wide communication attacks wanting people to rebel and claim their rights by force. Governmental institutions have monitored such activities and managed to pinpoint the funding of propaganda broadcast in Umrian Secret Services as well Umrian agents and operatives were located and compromised during one of the DOD operations. The main broadcast office and as well the known broadcast personnel are taking refuge in some of the prepper settlements in the area, hidden from the outhorities.

Incident with one of the prepper settlement during hunt for the propaganda operators triggered a shoot out between homeland defence forces in Circle Springs trigerring local uprising against the governmental structures ending up to a police station in Circle Springs being burned down.

National guard from nearby border AA defence facility was called in to help but suffered heavy casualties in the forests once being ambushed trying to get to the Circle Springs.

New president had to make in his first days a tought decision - Order must be reinstalled at all cost to avoid impeachment and directly called in Expositional Ranger Heavy Weapons Battalion to restore order and as well DOD (Department of Defence) units to support on hunt of the agents of foreign nations, local homeland (HFD) defense forces. All units have been assembled to a newly established Task Force 35 - VIKING to be deployed in Chena Immediately.

Vigilantes of the tribal militia so called the Ravens have received strong funding, material support and volunteers from many patriot families all around the country. As well scattered farms of survivalists leading supported this strong fighting force of few hundreds militiamen ready to defend their constitutional rights at any costs.

DOD Intel indicates in the same time that there are Umrian special forces running a covert operation with focus on capturing various media footage to broadcast in order to destabilize the entire government.

Recent discovery indicates presentce of some operatives connected to purchase of NH-X Bio Chemical Weapon offered by Kraken Corporation during the operation Pestilence Blade on Mawar Island to the Umrian Agents. In order to effectively fight such operatives Task Force Viking fet reinforced as well by SOG - Lighting operatives, which will focus on destruction of Umrian elements together with DOD.

The stake of the election and future of the president lies on the outcome of this encounter. Either governmental forces succeed in protection the state and its industrial elements, or militia man might claim independence and lead by example rest of Chena to new elections and who knows what else in the future once Umrians has their fingers on the strings of propaganda playing the tone for their interest. In the worst case Umrian might have same special plan to trigger bringing entire Kenai Republic to chaos.








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