Days to beginning: 30


Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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Border War MILSIM - Special Operations

Operation Raven Wing

Special Operations are a new type of event organised by Border War Crew. Compared to traditional Border War MILSIM battle simulation, Operation Raven Wing brought the player experience into the fog of Special Forces Operations. Mid-size invite only event revealed a special chapter in the traditional Border War world focusing on endurance based Special Forces assignments.

Event was attended by selected teams and individuals from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Russia, Italy and France. During the day temperature raised up to 39 degrees Celsius in the shade. All participants carried all of their gear on their backs for the duration of the event. Operation included intensive CQB missions during day and night, light and heavy armored motorised vehicles were used during the event. Operation Raven Wing was a first prescenario of the upcoming Border War VI “The Sunseeker” which is already being prepared for upcoming international milsim season of 2014.


Scenario resume:

Special agents of Concordian government hold investigative operation while being supported by Concordian Marine Commandos (CMC) against criminal gangs of cultists. CMC LRRP teams were inserted deep into the enemy territory. LRRP teams had special missions focusing on deep reconnaissance and enemy movement tracking during day and night, while Marine Commandos carried the heavy fighting. LRRP teams have managed to scout one of the Cultist groups in the deep forest and clashed with them in a pitch black darkness leaving 15 cultist down while loosing only 2 members. Later on in the morning hours one of the SF teams met with a messenger and received a crucial message for the HQ that changed the plans for upsoming day. Third Recon team made intensive recon on a burned down villa, during the night search old armored vehicle was found.

Occultists found the vehicle during the night as well and started figuring out how to make the vehicle running. Marine Commandos, during Saturday morning managed to find an underground complex with hidden weapons probably belonging to the cultists. Material was secured and transported back to the safety. Later on occasional heavy fighting between the recon teams continued in the burned mayors villa. Occult leader managed to build several shrines and performed few rituals to boost the spirit of his troops. Body of wounded so called PAZ commander Red scorpion was healed in one of this rituals as rumors say, bringing the Scorpion elite commander to service on the side of the criminals. Marines repaired the vehicle and based upon the high commands decision tried to evacuate it to the safety for further repairs. Unfortunately gangsters set up an ambush killing all marines and taking over the vehicle. Vehicle later on disappeared in the forest ready for supporting further occult activities.

With the dawn CMC launched a counter attack against the cultist fortified defences in the Oak Valley. Cultists managed to take out few marines but in overall result cultist suffered heavy losses. Forward enemy post was located by CMC during Saturday night, leading to more sweeps on enemy territory by CMC commandos.

During Sunday morning battle still raged on and cultists run for their main mission clashing with marines in fierce battle over the Angel Spring valley. Cultist forces were after heavy fighting scattered in the woods or destroyed on spot. IAC agents have found containers of unknown chemicals used by the cult - which needs to be further examined in the laboratories. At the moment occult activities in Concordia have been lowered to minimum due to this operation. Tranquility in Concordian forests have been restored for now...

Mikes remark ( Border War Crew MILSIM series founder) on BW Spec Ops. “ Border War Special Operations was an event running on as I would specify the old school principles. We have developed it in order to bring back some old school gaming features which are in many cases not used anymore, or technically impossible to be used in large scale milsiming or battle siming in nowadays airsoft games. From our point of view the Special Operation game as a type of event perfectly closed the gap between the massive and award holding Border War MILSIM and the dark and gloomy Black Ops series organised by us.

I’m also very happy that we kind of resurrected old school type of intensive and demanding type of game scenario which many years ago used to be as a season highlights for our teaam.

I would like to also mention on important fact that we have organised this event as an honour to our Milsim Airsoft team Wolfpack ( on its 10 years anniversary day as a tribute to all of our current and formal members and to celebrate a decade of friendship and adventures in the airsoft world we undertake and share together. We are looking forward for next season of Border Wars MILSIM Special Operations coming in 2014, also special thanks to all participants for excellent event. If you wish to learn more about our special events don’t hesitate to write us email on”

Photos from the event HERE




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