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Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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How to join the game

To join the game you will have to become a Registered Game Participant (RGP). An RGP is a person who completes the online Registration Form and pays the Game Participation Fee. All RGPs will receive a personalized Participants Certificate ( Unique Event Ticket) and will receive access to all detailed information relevant to the participation in the game as it becomes available on the forum in relevant game side section. To become an RGP please visit the Registration section of our website for further information.


General information for registered participants 

All RGPs (Registered Game Participants) will benefit from taking part in a professionally organised event that will contain the following elements:


All RGPs arriving by car will have the opportunity to park their vehicles in a specially allocated unguarded parking zone that will be free of charge for the duration of the event. On arrival they will be required to validate their participation at the Participants Validation Tent located at the centre of the Offzone – the assembly area for the players.

On spot registration at the Participants Validation Tent:

Validation of arriving RGPs starts thursday at 10:00 PM and ends at 23:30 PM the same day. On friday registration opens at 08:00 and ends at 23:30.

You will have to bring with you printed out ticket and valid ID that shows your date of birth, first and last name and that corresponds with the data in the registration.

All arrivals that will fail the validation screening will be either turned away or allowed to participate in the game after paying an on the spot registration fee. The decision to allow or refuse all unregistered arrivals lies solely with the organizers of the event.

If you will be arriving at a different time, then the times set by the organizers, please let us know about this ASAP. All validated RGPs will receive a Participants Pack containing the Game Map, Game Rules, Game Pass – Unique Game Hand TAG and other Game materials. They will be also required to undergo a Health and Safety briefing and sign a legal disclaimer confirming their understanding of all the risks ensuing from participating in an open terrain Airsoft MILSIM Game. More scenario related briefings will be available to all RGPs as they assemble at their relevant HQs.

To enter the game it is mandatory to sign a document that the game is on your own risk – documents would be given to you by the organizers on the registration spot during the registration.

Duration of the game:
The Game starts on Friday 12:01 PM and ends on Sunday 12:01 PM. After noon all RGPs will assemble at the Offzone for debriefing. The closing photo session will take place afterwards.

Unauthorised players:
All RGPs will carry a Hand Tag ID throughout the duration of the game. All RGPs have the right to request other encountered players to demonstrate their RGP HAND TAG with no reason given. Anyone who is clearly a game participant but fails to produce an RGP HAND TAG will be escorted to the Offzone to be screened by the Organizers.

The Offzone: 

The Offzone is a Game-free RGPs rest area. All game scenario activity is strictly banned in the Offzone. While in the area You will still be required to wear your safety glasses, to have your magazine extracted from your weapon and the weapon itself to be locked in safe mode. Refreshments, Medical assistance, Water, Food, WC and an AMMO shop will be available in the Offzone together with the Shooting range to zero your weapons.

Organizer and organizer´s tent:

A permanently operational Organizers tent will be located at the Offzone. It will be constantly staffed by the Organizers. Mobile phone hotline numbers for emergency communication with the Organizers will be available for all game participants.


All refreshments in the Offzone will be at affordable prices. Pure water in plastic bottles, lemonade and non alcoholic beer will be sold. It will be strictly prohibited to consume any alcohol or illegal drugs during the event. Organizers reserve the right to use breathalysers to check all suspected of breaching this requirement. All caught violating these rules will be expelled from the game and banned from the premises of the game area.

The game will be conducted under all weather conditions. The organizers reserve the right to stop the game if extreme weather conditions, that may severely endanger the health and safety of the participants, occur.

What to do in the case of the accident:

In the case of any health related accident the game will be stopped and all participants would be expected to assist the injured and in meantime alerting the Organizers. All participants shall carry a first aid kit in their webbing. Profesional Medical First Aid assistance will be available in the Offzone. All Game participants travelling to the Czech Republic from abroad should double check whether they need to be additionally insured for the trip. The Organizers will not be responsible for paying any hospital bills should they occur.

In the game area and its surrounding is strongly prohibited to make fire.

What to do in the case of fire in the game zone:

In the case you will spot a fire in the game zone start shouting Fire or Hori/Ho-rzhi/ and immediately inform the game organizers by the mobile hotline. Assess the danger of the fire before attempting to contain or extinguish it by yourself. Fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment will be available at the Organizers Tent and the Organizers will offer all assistance in terminating the fire.

Making open fire:
It is prohibited to make open fires in the game zone or the surrounding areas. Cigarette butts need to be properly extinguished and packed in a bag or container that can be later emptied at an allocated site.

Tea stoves and fire for cooking:
There will be an allocated place in the Offzone and player bases where participants could use tea stoves or open fire for cooking. Use of this equipment outside allocated areas will not be tolerated.

Electricity supply:
There will be electricity sockets in the Offzone for recharging your mobile phones and plugging in necessary electric devices.

Tents on the Offzone:
An area for putting up tents will be available in the Offzone for all participants who do not wish to sleep in an In-game mode.

Litter and waste:
Please don’t litter in the game area. Garbage bags will be available in the Offzone and HQs.


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