Days to beginning: 30


Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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Unit of native volunteers, wilderness inhabbitan, settlers and preppers fighting for constitutional rights.

More detailed mission descriptions will be released with WARNO on the forum prior to the game.

Militia are organised game side with a strict discipline. Missions are distributed via revolutionary HQ

Militia are light infantry oriented game side with few vehicles.

There are up to maximum of 5 vehicle slots available for the game side in this scenario - use forum for application. Light military vehicles will be preferred.

If you wish to deploy with your Juggernauts and heavier vehicles please check possibilities in other game sides chance on Militia Game side will be very low that you get accepted with juggernaut or a big vehicle.

Scenario Ballance: 60% Offence 40% Defence missions based upon the scenario.


"Player preparation and reading materilas before game at home, makes player having right expectation before the game, and as well makes player in the picture what is the game about - all its tarts with the right dress code - Preparation makes player receiving more excitement from the game." Mike von Bulow - Game Organiser - BW Crew



Overall dresscode styling

Game scenario takes place in southern and central americas. Players should have an appropriate general look & be clearly identifiable.


Elite guerrila fighter wears a Beret (preferably Black or Red, but other colors are also possible) with Olive or Green camo pattern uniform.

All players wearing a barret will have advantage if wounded on medic diagnostic table


Middle east guerrila costumes are not fitting in this scenario so leave them at home. Prepare your dress adequatelly before game.



Head: Berets, Bandanas, OD/Green camo pattern Boonies & Patrol Caps

Harness: Olive/Brown/Green camo patterns

Jacket: Olive/Green camo patterns

Trousers: Olive/Green camo patterns

Facepaint is mandatory for all Guerilla players (Facepaint must be covering all face, and should be renewed after each mission)

Balaclava can be used for people with alergies on facepaint - must be approved on HQ



Forbidden: Shemags as headwear, Baseball caps, Turbans, Pakuls, Helmets, Black, Desert & Multicam uniforms/harness


Players without sufficient dresscode will have +5 hours longer respawn and will be reported to game master.

Equipment of players will be checked before every mission by Platon leaders.


Styling pictures:


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