Days to beginning: N/A

BW10 - THE SIEGE - 2018

Date: First Half of April 2018 will be soon confirmed

Registration Start: 9.7. 2017 - 20:00

Limited amount of tickets

Border War Black Ops 6: OP Mist Creeper

September 22-24.9.2017

Registration Start: 1st of June 20:00

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G.R.A. - General Reaction Agency

Key focus of G.R.A. is mercenary contract execution. G.R.A. is a discrete well disciplined agency focusing on providing security advisory services around the globe. G.R.A. is a PMC fraction which have no problem going for the contract with who ever pays the highest bid. G.R.A. has its office in Embette village and offer various services not only for Diamond industry but also for other heavy industry elements in Quassambi foothils.

High player discipline is required to fullfill given rules of engagements and missions.

Main Targets:

50% Larp expected – 50% Combat


PMC style - Black or dark Tops ( Dark or Black T Shirts and Jackets, idealy dark or black baseball caps)

Not coyote or green tops

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Supported by:
Armáda České Republiky


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