Days to beginning: 30


Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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1. Where to find payment information
You can find payment information in your registration email and under your player login from the main Home page. To log in use data you used for the registration.

2. Map and Ingame materials
Map will be accessible to players prior to the event via Forum and Email send to all players before game.

3. How to Register to the Forum?
Forum requires separate registration than the game. You must undertake separate registration to enter the forum and after your player ticket is covered you should ask for joining relevant Game side forum. Follow the instructions on the forum how to join Player GAme Side Forum please.

4. Refreshments and Catering
All refreshments in the Offzone and the ingame bases will be at affordable prices. Pure water in plastic bottles, lemonade and non alcoholic beer will be sold. It will be strictly prohibited to consume any alcohol or illegal drugs during the event. Organizers reserve the right to use breathalysers to check all suspected of breaching this requirement. All caught violating these rules will be expelled from the game and banned from the premises of the game area.

5. What to do in the case of the accident
In the case of any health related accident the game will be stopped and all participants would be expected to assist the injured and in meantime alerting the Organizers. All participants shall carry a first aid kit in their webbing. Profesional Medical First Aid assistance will be available in the Offzone. All Game participants travelling to the Czech Republic from abroad should double check whether they need to be additionally insured for the trip. The Organizers will not be responsible for paying any hospital bills should they occur. You can find all emergency numbers and radio frequencies on the back side of the map you receive on registration.

6. Fire
In the game area and its surrounding is strongly prohibited to make fire.

7. What to do in the case of fire in the game zone
In the case you will spot a fire in the game zone start shouting Fire or Hori/Ho-rzhi/ and immediately inform the game organizers by the mobile hotline. Assess the danger of the fire before attempting to contain or extinguish it by yourself. Fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment will be available at the Organizers Tent and the Organizers will offer all assistance in terminating the fire.

8. Making open fire and Smoking
It is prohibited to make open fires in the game zone or the surrounding areas. Cigarette butts need to be properly extinguished and packed in a  bag or container that can be later emptied at an allocated site. Use designated smoking areas for smoking.

9. Tea stoves and cooking
There will be an allocated place in the Offzone and Player Bases where participants could use tea stoves or open fire for cooking. Use of this equipment outside allocated areas will not be tolerated.

10. Litter and waste
Please don’t litter in the game area. Garbage bags will be available in the Offzone and HQs use garbage containers to place your garbage into after the game.

11. Showers
There are no showers on spot. We suggest to use nearby swiming pool facilities for taking shower after game.

12. Tents:
An area for putting up tents will be available in the Offzone for all participants who do not wish to sleep in an In-game mode. In game tents must be military colours or green. Not brigh colours. If you have colorful tent you must cover it with camo net or green tarmac.

13. Electricity supply
There will be limited number of electricity sockets in the Offzone for recharging your mobile phones and plugging in necessary electric devices.

14. Lost equipment
In the case you loose some of your equipment or you find some lost equipment bring it to the Registration tent to the Lost and Found stand.

15. Night Gaming and Night Base Attacks

Night Missions:

Night missions will take every gaming day from 22:00 to 8:00 AM in specified large area on map where will be mission areas including IR game props as well areas to be hold by each game sides until the morning. Missions will take place based upon HQ decision.

For players who wish not to sleep and crawl in the night in the woods we can assure you will have more than enough action during the night time. We would like to remind players to come on time on the briefing for night ops!

Night Base Attacks:

We have evaluated night time injuries statistics with our medics and came to the following conclusion.

Historically most of the moderate injuries which require special care took place in the night during dangerous CQB among tents and as well from ignoring safety distances in the night time.

Based upon that due to the higher player safety risk because of such actions and higher health hazard risk during night play in bases - game bases and sleeping areas can be part of the game only from 8:00-22:00 based upon mission from HQ (Not solo player actions)

It is as well not allowed to enter other player tents during night and day.

This measures have been as well already in place on BW11 the main reason is to keep players safety on first place as we have during BW11 identified several groups of players who were planning just coming to shoot sleeping players and ignore the game scenario and mission orders. (This groups and individuals are on the ban list currently) All this actions were always solo gaming actions – and never done upon any HQ order or mission.

General message from game organizer for players who were planning reckless and dangerous actions: All participants violating game rules and player codex will be banned without refund. Take it in mind once you are going to be captured by Game Master in the player base in base during off game hours!

If you want to crawl in players tents in the night and shoot players to faces or hit them with rubber axes etc… - Because you think its “MILSIM” to shoot sleeping players in their tents  to the face - go do it somewhere else - we are not interested in such solo players on spot! Not on our game, sorry. Safety first !“ Mike von Bulow – Border War Founder



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