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BW10 - THE SIEGE - 2018

Date: First Half of April 2018 will be soon confirmed

Registration Start: 9.7. 2017 - 20:00

Limited amount of tickets

Border War Black Ops 6: OP Mist Creeper

September 22-24.9.2017

Registration Start: 1st of June 20:00

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CN Observers - Council of Nations Observatory Mission - Blue Helmets

50% LARP Faction - 50% Combat

Blue Helmets, Blue Caps or Blue Barrets are required and must be worn during all missions.

CN Observers are neutral at the begging of the event, if they investigate and prove crimes against humanity from other involved fractions they might for some period of time change their neutral status to hostile.

No Face Paint, body armor desert and green uniforms can be used as well.

CN Observers are living in an fortified compound not far from the Embete village. It is a small fraction enabling a bit different game experience compared to the other game sides. With main focus on protecting civilians, limiting the risk of humanitarian catastrophe, organising structural development, and as well fighting against Human rights violation.

No matter the observers are small in numbers in certain situation based upon the rules of engagements can call in airstrikes and offshore artillery bombardment to protect the Humanitary mission objectives and civilians.

CN Observers can hire PMC units and as well can control PMC units activities in the region if no crimes are performed.


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