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Border War MILSIM Episode 9 – Dogs of War

Border War MILSIM 9 – DOGS OF WAR organised by the Border War Crew defended its crown as the Best Airsoft Event at the Airsoft Players’ Choice Award, winning the title for 5 consecutive times and inducted into the Hall of Fame during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany. The world-class MILSIM event observed its 9th anniversary this year and the BW Crew moved forward in the level of organisational readiness and fine-tuned a few of the mission fragments of the organisation to really establish a world-class benchmark for organising airsoft events. Gameplay for this year was tested by a not really favourable weather condition before the game start but proves that hard dedication is crucial to enjoy the event no matter the weather.

Border War 9 – Dogs of War was held in Czech Republic in the former Ralsko Military area last 7 to 9 April 2017. The event took place in the first half of April and hosted players from 35 countries from around the world. Participants undertook intensive 50-hour day and night infantry MILSIM battles in under very demanding weather across a wide terrain.

Border War 9 (BW9) upgraded player services compared to previous events. Especially by opening the registration with a one day added to normal schedule and introducing a new electronic registration system that enabled player on-the-spot registration proved 40% faster than usual. Border War 9 again assured its status of a world-leading event, proving itself as a benchmark in many aspects of airsoft MILSIM event organising. The event’s success is based on feedback via electronic questionnaires filled-in by players.

BW9 traditionally hosted historical vehicles, as well as having in the game the Pandur II provided by Czech Army, and VTOL aircraft for in-game insertion airmobile players directly to the heat of the battle. Other features of the event are fortified bunkers, antitank obstacles, armored vehicles, cannon, ammo crates, rockets, satellites, and much more were seen across many game areas built for the purpose of the event.

A LARP city featured 21 buildings, and was added to a slightly new location next to the PMC barracks. The LARP element this year had around 200 LARP characters enjoying their role-play that was integrated closely to the game scenario.

The CN Observers is a faction that was reintroduced, previously on Border War 1. The CN Observers element brought in lot of interesting gameplay and realistic elements. According to players’ feedback and its positive attitude, this fraction will be as well in limited numbers to be included in Border War 10.


Cooperation with Authorities

The main partners of the event for the third time are the Czech Army and Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. The Czech Army offered participants to have a hands-on on the Pandur II APC. There was a eal steel weapons display, and exhibition of the Anti-chemical Warfare unit from Liberec. Participants actively asked many questions as well checking out real steal weapons brought in for a display by the professional soldiers, taking pictures and trying out the APC. The APC at some point of the game took an active part, scaring AFL players marching to their positions.

Sponsors and Shops

Main Sponsor of the event was ASG (Action Sport Games), G&G Armaments and Redwolf Airsoft. BBs, merchandise and replicas were distributed to the participants to test replicas before game and in-game as well. Event was also supported by Gunfire, Bohemia Airsoft, Jackets to Go, 365+, and Valken Tactical.

Logistical Support

The off-zone offered a large variety of airsoft products and goodies to take from the sponsors; also shops with equipment for the airsoft players; gifts and samples from sponsors were given to the players for free. The players also had a chance to put their hands on the new products brought in by the sponsors. Traditional professional catering accompanied the whole event with excellent food at reasonable prices and great non-alcoholic Czech beer.

Behind the Scenes

BW9 preparation included the several pre-scenarios supporting the pre-game development that took 10 months. On the spot BW Crew consisted of enlarged group of 200 people. Due to the Border Wars’ professional organization, it was allowed to use for the game a large area of the natural park for the third year in the row. For this year, the large scale inspection by in-game forest rangers confirmed the BW crew’s professionally, especially with the use of Points-of-Interest banners instead of building of structures (which is not allowed in the natural park). The BW crew received very positive feedback from authorities for its very professional organization.


Player Safety and Medical Care

Border War MILSIM’s main focus is safety of the players above all. Professional medical services provided by the Association of Czech Samaritans introduced a significantly upgraded level of health care for players. 5 Ambulances, more than 45 paramedics on jeeps and quad bikes, and doctors were present throughout the whole duration of the game with the medical readiness for a higher level of risk environment. This was so far a better and larger medical and safety service for players not seen in other airsoft events in other parts of the world.

Of course, the event was as well supported by local firefighters and police department. Safety of the players is the organizers’ priority.

The unique points of Border War 9

  • Fastest registration for the event in airsoft history – sold out few minutes.
  • Fastest registration on the spot due to electronic system used for the first time in the Border War MILSIM history
  • Nature friendly event – only Bio BBs were used during the event.
  • Largest game battlefield ever used in Europe, and maybe in the world
  • Largest Airmobile insertion in airsoft history
  • Use of Pandur II in game.
  • Large LARP city in airsoft history (including the heavily fortified castle and large-scale fortified Task Force base and CN base)
  • Most advanced medical and safety standard for an airsoft event in Europe, and maybe the world
  • Largest organising crew ever to organise an airsoft event in Europe (maybe in the world) with 200 members.
  • Largest usage of PES (Personal Eye System) by Milsistematika for an Airsoft event
  • Several trucks of game props were transported and used in game
  • 17 chrono stations with 25 Border War Chrono Crew managed to the make fastest chrono check ever in the airsoft history in Czech Republic (maybe in the world)
  • Several heavy trucks were used to transport players in-game and off-game
  • Czech Army Supported the Event – with one of the most modern technical displays for the public and used in-game

About the Organiser

The Border War Crew have been organising large-scale international airsoft MILSIM games since 2008 and having in its portfolio more than 110 organised events since 2003.

Border War MILSIM was five times voted as the Best Airsoft Event in the world by readers of Popular Airsoft when Border War 8 was voted as the Best Airsoft Event of 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. Border War MILSIM entered the Hall Of Fame of Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, thanks to 5 victories in a row and being the first airsoft event to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


About the Scenario

The fictional scenario brought players to Quasambi foothills where Lindiwe AFL units raided neighboring Namboko diamond mines. Government forces of Namboko, through the use of Task Force 26 fought off the AFL invaders across the border territory whilst simultaneously launching a counter-offensive in the territory of Lidiwe which are under control of the AFL in order to disrupt AFL lines of supply and to destroy its logistical support elements that are helping its frontline units.

Battle opened in a bit harsh weather condition postponing the airmobile operation from the originally planned Friday morning to Saturday morning due to non-conducive flight conditions. Nevertheless, all units were inserted and joined a large-scale operation later on during the game.


Game Flow Summary:

 There were hundreds of missions distributed during the event but we will be mainly condensing the main game flow summary.

On Friday, Task Force units managed to push hard against the AFL supply elements and as well as the main AFL compound. The key target was the Tractor factory where AFL vehicles were being repaired and was successfully put out of order --- thus, the Task Force achieved a main strategic objective early in the game. Whilst control of the helicopter supply landing zone was established by the AFL, hard fighting in the area of the Tractor Repair Facility made them unable to take this advantage. AFL units in the meantime managed to cooperate with the GRA faction via its emissary who was plotting a diversion against Task the Force hidden in the GRA compound. CN Observers focused on improving support on the villagers who in most cases tried to survive the horror of the battle by sending smugglers and looking for opportunities to scavenge as much as they can from the situation.

Bishop Security Forces actively supported CN Observers in their war crime investigations and provided humanitarian support to local villages.

On Saturday, the good weather boosted the morale of the AFL as they organised a counterattack on the TF main compound – creating a constant battle in the area of Kumi village and probing the Task Force’s first line of defenses. The defence line was maintained intact and it didn’t fall to the AFL. The AFL reestablished full control of their supply lines and kept it for the whole day. The AFL also managed to get the supplies flowing from the helicopter landing zone to the main base and to the tractor repair facility, which was the main strategic objective of the AFL. In the diamond mountain sector, the AFL forces managed to significantly weaken Task Force operations while launching a massive counteroffensive. Task Force units were then forced to change the doctrine and proceed to conduct guerilla warfare - before they were pushed back to the Namboko on the southern river crossing after taking serious damage at the FOB outpost. Diamond mines have changed ownership several times during the battle producing a decent amount of raw diamonds flowing to various game sides.

The AFL worked hard to maintain good relationships with the CN Observers. Unfortunately, this effort was lost when AFL’s reckless raiders destroyed the CN Observers compound on Saturday evening on their way to the destroy TF base. Task Force established a good relationship with the CN Observers during the battle and increased the CN point of view on the faction.


Sunday saw a big a battle in the village of Kumi where huge numbers of Task Force units clashed with several AFL companies supported by the GRA. Both game sides suffered lot of casualties in this final clash and pulled their units back to the bases.

In general all game sides managed to work hard on all their strategic objectives managing to gain local tactical victories. We are not able to conclude if the AFL or the Task Force were the winners since in the larger strategic picture it looks more like a draw.

Practical Example On Objectives:

 For example, the loss of the TF FOB did not have a great strategic impact on the overall picture, as it was more or less a respawn area for the TF units – it did not have any significant strategic importance when looking at the big picture. On the other side, the loss of the Tractor factory on Friday on the side of the AFL and repelling the TF units from the front perimeter of the AFL base means that TF managed to adequately disrupt the enemy supply lines which was a main strategic goal in that area, forcing the AFL command to pull out troops from one sector to the other over the river crossing to ensure the main base will not fall was exactly what was expected by the TF HQ when they planned their missions. So we can say in that situation, the strategic objective of TF units was achieved in a very short time. Nevertheless, a tactical victory was achieved by the TFL against the TF FOB on Saturday.

Bishop Security and GRA managed to fulfill their tactical objectives without any problems. The CN observers actually managed to complete more than was expected to be achievable.

I personally did not see any significant strategic, win objective-wise, by game factions of BW9. All sides performed very well accordingly to the players of these groups, counting in the weather. I would say it was a quite interesting multi-mission, large scale scenario where the situation was changing every moment that was professionally managed by all HQs quite well. They also managed the implement countermeasures aimed on overturning tactical superiority on one game side to the other.

I would like to mainly thank all BW Trustees, Game Masters, Companyy Commanders, and Platoon Commanders for leading the players to their objectives. You made very good job.


There have been some comments in the feedback regarding the weather; it was quite unlucky that we had rain before the game started. Also, the first day of game was actually a bit colder weather for main part of the game though it made a nice 15-degrees of Celsius for the main game day and nice 5 degrees in the evening. There was no player collapsing due to heat stroke during the game. This weather actually caused lowest amount of medical support needed during and before the gameplay, no dehydration problems, and most players stayed playing until Sunday. There are always 2 sides of the coin even looking at the rain.

We have evaluated the feedback from the players sent electronically and we have received a very positive result of more than 91% satisfied players attending the event out of a 75% sample of respondents attending the event. We also saw some things that we need to improve just like every year and for our 10th anniversary in 2018, we would like to evolve and make things better.

In conclusion BW9 nine was a successful event.

Thanks one more time all players for their trust and loyalty we are looking forward to see you next year.


- Mike von Bulow and BW Crew



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