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Border war 4: The Newcomer

Event resume:


More than 1850 MILSIM and airsoft players from 27 European countries have met in this years major MILSIM and airsoft event in Europe – Border war 4 - The Newcomer, that was held in Czech Republic in formal military area Ralsko during 26th to 29th of April 2012.

The scenario brought all participants into forests of the Northern Mershak where the Sultans mercenary army (S.E.L.A.) launched massive offensive in order to capture important oil pipeline and find hidden biochemical weapon. Opponent to Sultans army was so called Task Force 359 – Peace Keeper which consisted of local governmental army: San Marco 39 Border Guard Regiment and M.E.F. – Minacuan Expedition Forces supporting the defense of the oil pipeline and San Marcos Border.

Players were exposed to intensive infantry ops on level of clash of 2 battalions, containing plenty of tactical MILSIM scenario missions. During the event 170 players were transported via air in to the game in so called Border War Airmobile units.

The game area contained abandoned fortifications, deep forests, marshes, steep hills as well as a few streams and ponds. Game play was enriched with the Al Muhat Oasis, a set that was created by LARP (Life Action Role Playing) enthusiasts, together with more than 30 military vehicles brought over by the players. Catering, sponsor tents and airsoft shop. Various military clothes were sold at the Offzone during the event.

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We would like to thank our sponsors for support of our event, mainly GunFire from Poland ( for sponsoring the photo contest. S-Thunder for its products (

Special thanks goes as well to Airsoft Community Europe (, Boltcatch Magazine Germany ( Nisa Air (, Combat Reccovery (, Tactical Pro.Cz ( and LahveSOS ( emergency water filtration systems. for medical services and all legal authoriities which enabled our event to happen.

Scenario Related Ressume:

A typical Friday morning for tribal inhabitants of Al Muhat oasis turned into one of the must survival situations of their lives as they were trapped in a massive battle that raged in the region.

From Friday morning, inhabitants of Al Muhat oasis worked on the fields and traded their goods at the local market, radio El Pescado was spreading positive news and mood. Around noon, local fishermen spotted movement of some small groups of unknown soldiers passing by on the edge of sacred tribal territory to the south. He ran to the village to tell the elder and already met the first emissary of the Sultans Hassans S.E.L.A. ( Sultanate of Eram Liberation Army) army entering the village with gifts and proposals to the villagers to join the Sultanate and became Eramian citizens.

In the meantime Task Force General held a speech in front of the 39th Border Guard regiment and first arriving MEF units. Slightly after lunch time, massive amounts of sultan’s mercenaries invaded San Marco territory occupying most of key strategic facilities of the Three Camel Oil Pipeline, such as Pressure Chambers, Control Stations, Pumping stations, in order to destabilize the region and get control of most important regional objects. Sultans troops started turning off the valves of the pipeline and stopped for the first moment oil transport thought Mershak region. Instantly bringing in to alert Qum and Cardian neighbors as they got their pipeline out of order.

S.E.L.A. invasion was fierce and in first point made quite some progress deep into San Marco territory on all of its fronts, the initiative of invasion was lost the moment the first S.E.L.A. units hit the front defense perimeter of Task Force 359 Fort “The Cathedral”. TF359 troops started defending the territory and slowly pushed back first invaders. Sultan Hassan II. decided to step forward in diplomatic matters himself as emissaries seem to failed, he ordered his Airmobile Units (Hassan’s Eagles) to accompany him in to the front line and meet the elders of the village and negotiate support to the Nuevo Ordenar principles. Hassans eagles landed and with help of artillery bombardment in the southern part of tribal territory. Shocked village people didn’t know what to expect from such a moment when many helicopters landed right in their sacred territory. Sultan got protected by his body guards during the negotiations with the locals and left the area with the last chopper back to his field palace. S.E.L.A airmobile units started to pull back in a defensive way of fighting as Task Force infantry and Motorized units started entering the southern part of tribal territory killing all enemies in its vicinity.

Dread battle opened around 4 p.m. on a large front copying the Three camels pipeline. Before night fall, the main front line was stabilized by both fighting sides, several strategic points of the pipeline were liberated by the Task Force units, some were still kept in the hands of Nuevo Ordenar fanatics in S.E.L.A. During the night, small units of Task Force Special Forces searched for Sultans Sonic beacons and set ambushes on main roads in order to prepare ground for Sunday retaliation to Sultans army. SELA units had as well, during the day, inserted 10 Radar station to monitor the air space on its territory. Task Force base was assaulted during the night by massive assault of SELA units and heavy fighting continued until around 2 a.m. in the morning. Pitch black night was at one point enlightened by flying UFO… bringing more adrenaline to ongoing battle.

Al Muhat oasis citizen have been neutral to both game sides and happily traded goods a information with anybody who paid. Some of the villagers started localizing pieces of chemical material which they used for their own trading. During Friday afternoon, Task Force undercover agents in the village revealed some information regarding the so called Newcomer project – secret biochemical weapon research. A puzzle of the biochemical weapon blueprint was scattered among many fragments of some kind of chemical test around the region.

Saturday daylight opened the hunt for the Newcomer and counter offensive of TF359 towards S.E.L.A. Troops of both fighting parties accompanied by Chemical engineers who started searching all of the area for hidden fragments of the Newcomer blue print. After the fragments were found, they were transported to the decontamination chambers at the bases and later on brought to the village to IRS chemical lab as none of the field bases had sufficient equipment to make a proper test in such a short period of time. Local chemist Annie Von Stain held the research in the IRS facility and started to collect the puzzle for the fighting parties. In the meantime, the fierce battle for territory and pipeline continued. Main battles took place on all of the Border crossings, Pressure valve and Pumping station. During Saturday, Task Force units were able to push back the invading Sultan army with crucial support of two massive Task force Airmobile landings behind the main front. Several TF359 units managed to assault S.E.L.A. HQ during the Saturday operation and gave a strong punch to sultans pride once killing many of its elite Black Guards. Nevertheless, S.E.L.A. HQ never fell on the knees no matter it was close few times. All attempts (and some vere close) to destroy S.E.L.A. HQ failed. For TF 359 it was not possible to keep control of all strategic oil pipe points at the same time so oil was still not flooding mainly because S.E.L.A. HQ managed to move tropps very effectively on the points where the units TF units started to occupy the territory and make repair attempts on the pipeline.

Unfortunately, because of some hot fingers on side of TF359 at one point, tribes lost some tribal members under Task Force fire in the village (the accident is still being investigated by the UN in the region) witnesses claim it was a set-up by Sultans troop other whitnesses claim it was cow boy style behavior of some TF individuals. This accidednt had caused the oasys to cooperate with sultan more closely as the villagers got scared for their lives.

Bigger groups of villagers made 3 demonstrations and tried to breach Task Force base through its gate in order to get some chemical samples from the containers. Luckily no one was hurt during the demonstrations. Villagers stole one of the gate barriers during one of the demonstrations.

During Saturday, Qum and Cardian SF entered the territory and started monitoring battle progress to secure the pipeline, some of the recon units were killed by S.E.L.A. patrols opening a new chapter of diplomatic crisis between Cardia and Sultanate.

During Saturday, TF359 units continued to search for the Radar stations accomplishing the destruction of 3 of them, diversion action by S.E.L.A. SF led to destruction of a local water dam that had caused delay of reinforcements to Sunday offensive to TF 359.

All Muhat Oasis hosted as well a very special Movie premiere – "Killing me Airsoftly" the movie was seen by many local inhabitants as fighting troops.

The birth of The Newcomer
The Newcomer bioweapon was constructed during Saturday night by Anie von Stain in IRS laboratory and it was inserted into special transport containers. Naughty surprises were waiting on Sunday morning when chemical samples got delivered to the S.E.L.A. and TF 359 bases. As investigation revealed later, Annie von Stein was a Cardian agent; she had constructed Newcomer, planted explosives with time fuses into the canisters and sent 2 of the sample canisters to both of the fighting sides. Newcomer container detonated and spread virus in S.E.L.A. base causing a massive biochemical alert and contamination. On the Task Force base the secret weapon mechanism didn’t work and biochemical assault didn’t happen. It was Annies revenge for the killed tribal people she loved by TF and Cardian SF units by SELA (One of the killed Cardian soldier was her brother).

Battle Raged On!
Annie von Stain than disappeared secretly to Cardian territory bringing Newcomer sample with her to Cardian Engineers. Bichochemical strike on sultans army was understood as a Task Force violation of war convention and caused massive revenge towards Task Force from S.E.L.A. Armies continued to clash to regain the control of border crossing and potential location of the Zikurat project laboratory until the moment the virus started mutating and spreading and the area became too dangerous to be present in. Technically, armies pulled back to their original territory leaving no man's land to mutating Newcomer virus. Al Muhat oasis was deserted by citizens because of the virus as well. IRS Company went out of business mainly because they had not succeeded in their ecology project in Mershak and IRS lost all trust as a ecology company because of having agents on board. Radio El Pescado was rescued to safety and continued to spread good news.

Three camels
Pipeline is still significantly damaged from the battle and oil flow does not continue. Qum and Cardian government is currently negotiationg how to repair the pipeline. Currently repairs are not possible because of repair crew getting killed and disappearing in the Mershak forrests. At this point, no company is interested in doing repair jobs on the pipeline.

Eram newspapers released a few pictures of wounded Sultan recovering from the battle ( it was never officially confirmed but one of the TF under cover agents had made an assassination attempt to kill Sultan in his HQ and he was almost successful)

The Task force General brought home a complete part of Newcomer weapon, but unfortunately it has an unknown damaged explosive mechanism in its container, so it's not possible to retrieve it and have further use of it at this point. 

Tribes of Mershak migrated to Cardia and founded a New Al Muhat Oasis.

The scenario resume highlights just the main elements of the battle even though we would like to cover all stories and progress of every platoon in the game, we would have to write a book as there were more than 400 missions distributed during the whole event.

To make summary in two sentences S.E.L.A. made successful invasion attempt to Northern Mershak and hold strategical initiative until Saturday noon until Task Force Airmobile units changed the momentum of battle and together with TF mechanized units pushed S.E.L.A. into deep defensive. During Sunday due to high morrale of S.E.L.A. units, Sultans Army managed to recapture some of the strategice objectives in the area and make several attempts to siege Task Force base. Newcomer Biochemical weapon was not recoverd by neither S.E.L.A. nor Task Force 359, but was assembled and stolen by Cardian agent.

BW crew would like to thank and reward with the BW4 Northern Mershak Medal the following groups and individuals for their extra ordinary effort and support before and during the event:

Smoke - 5th SFG Slovakia – ( TF359 ) For extensive support before the event

Arkos – Hannover 1 - Germany - Dog Coy Company Leader ( TF359 ) For excellent leadership and cooperation

November India – Sweden – Kilo Coy Signal Unit ( TF359 ) For excellent signal work

Skipper – Merkats -Romania – III. Coy Company Leader (S.E.L.A.) For excellent leadership and help in HQ after injury.

Pavlos – 4GDP- Slovakia – IV. Coy Company Leader (S.E.L.A.) For excellent leadership and pre-game organization of 4th Company

Marvin – GSG – Tribes of Mershak Elder For overall BW4 support

Radar BLWS – Bocalan Inc. – and Radio El Pescado For overall BW4 support

Q – Bocalan Inc. – and Radio El Pescado For overall BW4 support

Rambo, lubos, big.lama and banan – GSG - For pre-game proactivity and extraordinary creation of the roles in the Teahouse

safabgb412, majule - GSG - For pre-game support and preparation of the event on side of LARP fraction

gery, smalljohn, filip - GSG - For building of the El Pescado tower in the village

Mike Miles (A.C.E) - For extensive Suport in pre game preparations.  

Brick (Nogova Freedom Aliance) - For extensive Suport in pre game preparations.

We ran two competitions during the event, the player poster competition before the game and Airsoft Community Europe organised Facebook photo contest for the Photos after the event ( Sponsored by Gun Fire Poland)

You can see a selection of player posters used in the game below:

You can see a selection of the most atmospheric pictures from the Airsoft Community Competition below.

The offical A.C.E. photo contest from BW 4 winners are here listed here


Photos: Author:    Team: Source:
BW Crew Thunder Wolfpack click here
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Adelle Adelle D.U.C.K.S. click here
Ben Houa Ben Houa French Magazine click here
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Video: Author:                            Team:                                      Source:                
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Munich Hawks Munich Hawks Munich Hawks click here
Cougar Cougar Einheit 45  


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Thanks to all participants for superb event, for your commitment and dedication before and during the game.

Looking forward to see you on aniversary Border War 5 - Operation Warhammer


BW Crew

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