Days to beginning: 30


Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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Border War Black Ops are a small to mid size milsim scenario designed for Hardcore and very advanced MILSIM players.It is as well a prescenario to traditional BORDER WAR MILSIM event in april bringing first fragmenst of a scenario story development of the main event.

What makes BW Black Ops different?

A smaller scale scenario anables organisars to create a different atmosphere compared to traditional BORDER WAR MILSIM large scale event. You would have a chance to experience the event from a more special perspective with a high touch to detail.

How to sign in?

Just sign in when registration is open as for traditional Border War MILSIM, but you must be either directly invited by the Border War Crew or by Border War Trustee, from broad public are invited only teams based upon their excellent performance on the traditional Border War MILSIM if Border War Crew decides so. Once you are already in the “BW - Black Ops” you will be automatically receiving invitations to other invite only events.

If you wish to attend Border War Black ops and you have not so far attended any BW events - consult organiser first via email to receive permission to registration.

How many people usually attends?

Not everybody from invited people will always fit in as the number of available spaces is for the Black Ops event very limited. So once you receive invitation you shall react quickly... but in general BW BO are designed to be medium size invite only HC MILSIM events.

What to expect?

You can as always expect professionally organised event with interesting scenario, lot of game props and an event that will strongly challenge all of your skills.

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