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Date: 27-29.8.2021

Event moved from original date in April 9-11. 4. to earlier announced Back Up date in August due to Force Major Situation caused by Covid Pandemia.

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Border war 3: Battle of Gubatan

Event resume:

More than 850 MILSIM and airsoft players from 17 European countries have met in this years major MILSIM event in central Europe – Border war 3 - The Battle of Gubatan,that was held in Czech Republic. The scenario brought all participants into the lush jungles of the Bocalan island where the final battle over Gubatan province between governmental troops (TF 538) and radical Black cobra insurgents took place from 6th to 8th May 2011. The event continued nonstop for 32 hours where the players were exposed to intensive infantry ops during the day and in the night, containing plenty of tactical MILSIM scenario missions.

The game area used for the event was around 9 square kilometres and contained abandoned fortifications, deep forests, marshes, steep hills as well as a few streams and ponds. Game play was enriched with the El Pescado Village, a set that was created by more than 100 LARP (Life Action Role Playing) enthusiasts, together with more than 20 military vehicles brought over by the players. Catering, an airsoft shop and various military clothes were sold at the Offzone during the event.

Photos by Anička (D.U.C.K.S.) Slovakia

Scenario related resume:

From the Gubatan press:

Fierce battle over the Gubatan province caused many casualties on both sides of the conflict. Extreme causalities were undertaken in the ranks of both armies while trying to secure the strategic locations in the province.

Insurgents managed to shot down a TF 538 supply Chinok and opened the scenario with massive search and rescue operation aiming on lost equipment that fall into the deep Gubatan jungles. TF 538 troops managed to retrieve the body of dead pilot on Saturday morning. Unfortunately not all equipment was found, some pieces of valuable equipment fell into the insurgent hands. Insurgents had very good success in gaining control of resource points during Saturday and as well managed to capture forward mortar position that was prepared in order support the main offensive into the jungles. Resource points were randomly controlled by both sides during the battle more or less equally. Even without field mortars governmental infantry operations were supported by several heavy artillery and rocket strikes. Public was assured that no nuclear weapons were used during the operation. Insurgents managed to effectively use stolen TF mortars to delay troops coming to secure diamond mines...

TF 538 suffered many casualties in convoy operation nevertheless the support of the local citizens from the village helped to protect the settlement from raids of insurgents during the final battle.

Annie Fossey famous anthropologist and world known primate expert managed to find the lost primate specie that was worshipped for many years by local citizens. This success together with many special species of animals found during the battle will help in further researches in the region.

Smuuglers managed sell goods in black market with big success. Smuggler base was hidden in the abandoned mountain fortress and was wiped out by the TF troops around 4 a.m. on Sunday. No one was spared as the fighting was enormous and criminal gangs fought to the last drop of blood.

Small number of citizens supported insurgents in order to install Nuevo Ordenar in the village, winner of the local elections on Saturday evening was at the end candidate that supported Bocalan government. These facts lead to a massive insurgent offensive with the aim to get the support of local citizens and control of the village by force during Sunday morning. TF troops started to appear in the village from 5 a.m. in the morning, Black cobra Insurgents were by that time already marching towards the main village accesses.  After heavy fight among TF 538 supported by local Militia Black cobras insurgents pulled back and in order to regroup in the mountain region of the province.

Rumors among villagers spread quickly and as it seems this chapter of Gubatan history is still not closed and the Gubatan province has still more fighting ahead...

Stay tuned for last issue of Gubatan news that’s going to be published very soon

Photos by Hightower (6mm) Germany



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Photos by Thunder (Wolfpack) Czech Republic


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Thanks to all participants for superb event, for your commitment and dedication before and during the game.

Looking forward to see you on Border War 4,


BW Crew

Team: Game Side:


R.A.T Insurgents Slovakia
10th SFG ODA015 Insurgents Slovakia
1st Cav Div. Insurgents Austria
2.RÉP Insurgents Slovakia
4GDP Insurgents Slovakia
4XL Airsoft Team Sibiu Insurgents Romania
9.PzPr Insurgents Czech Republic
ACAH.PY Insurgents Germany
Airsoft Community Europe Insurgents Germany
ASAN.Duchy Insurgents Germany Insurgents Germany
ASCG Insurgents Austria
ASCW Insurgents Austria
ASSB Insurgents Austria
ASVP Insurgents Austria
ASVT Insurgents Germany
ASVW Insurgents Austria
B.A.S.E.Hungary Insurgents Hungary
Battalion666 Insurgents Austria
BEKES-Hungary Insurgents Hungary
Beshenie Sobaki(BWSA) Insurgents Slovakia
Black Lords Team Insurgents Hungary
BSV Insurgents Germany
Comorra Predators Insurgents Slovakia
CSABV Insurgents Romania
CTALKEP Nitra Insurgents Slovakia
Duchy Insurgents Germany
ECHO FORCE Insurgents Hungary
Einheit 45 Insurgents Slovakia
FeSpaehKp 400 Insurgents Germany
FSK 510 Insurgents Germany
GhostForce Insurgents Germany
Gyóntatók Insurgents Hungary
I.C.U. Insurgents Germany
Kalashnikov Entertainment Insurgents Germany
Land Combat Team Insurgents Germany
MARS Insurgents France
MEERKATS Insurgents Romania
MTK Insurgents Germany
Munich Lions Insurgents Germany
Novoga Freedom Force Insurgents Germany
OpA-FW Insurgents Germany
P-Ranger Insurgents Germany
R.A.T Insurgents Czech Republic
Recon Knights Insurgents Germany
Red Troop Insurgents Germany
RPAC Insurgents Austria
S.W.A.T. Hungary Insurgents Hungary
SATO Insurgents Germany
Scorpions Insurgents Hungary
Special Force Puma Insurgents Slovakia
SquaddiesBerlin Insurgents Germany
SSHP Olomouc Insurgents Czech Republic
strike team bacau Insurgents Romania
Team GLF Insurgents France
Team-MfG Insurgents Germany
TEQUILA GuERILLA Insurgents Slovakia
TF 1258 Insurgents Slovakia
The Legendary 1st Rescue Team Insurgents Hungary
Wrecking Crew Insurgents Germany
FSJ 502.GTS Smugglers Czech Republic
CCC RT Loiho Smugglers Czech Republic
Pionierbataillon 144 TF 538 Czech Republic
SSR-ELK TF 538 Czech Republic
1st. Force Recon Piestany TF 538 Slovakia
1stMAXSOC TF 538 Slovakia
5th SFG TF 538 Slovakia
Vismaior team TF 538 Slovakia
UltraAS TF 538 Czech Republic
C.A.D. TF 538 Slovenia
Odin`s shield TF 538 Slovenia
S.E.P.  TF 538 Slovenia
ŠKA Tiger TF 538 Slovenia
TNT TF 538 Slovenia
GSNW TF 538 Switzerland
Sektion 9 TF 538 Romania
ASVAC TF 538 Austria
ASCB TF 538 Austria
D.E.A TF 538 Austria
ODA 523 TF 538 Austria
Team Delta Force TF 538 Austria
CAG 314 TF 538 Austria
Dragon Noir TF 538 France
Foireann Féin TF 538 Russia
M.B.O.T. Romania TF 538 Romania
Desert Poison Squad TF 538 Germany
Hannover 1 TF 538 Germany
Iron Rakkasans TF 538 Germany
Jawbreaker TF 538 Germany
Mantikor TF 538 Germany
Team G3 TF 538 Germany
PumaKp TF 538 Germany
The Unit airsoft Team TF 538 Belgium
AT Nemesis TF 538 Croatia
VUK TF 538 Croatia
TGC TF 538 Austria
Munich Hawks TF 538 Germany
Old-Ironsides TF 538 Germany
SquaddiesBerlin TF 538 Germany
Wildboys TF 538 Germany
Without team TF 538 Germany
A&S.T TF 538 Germany
Airsoft Team Augsburg TF 538 Germany
Airsoft-jokers TF 538 Germany
ATE TF 538 Germany
DTI TF 538 Slovenia
Wolfpack TF 538 Czech republic
NightOps CCT TF 538 Germany
D.U.C.K.S. TF 538 Slovakia
2nd recon bn USMC TF 538 Czech Republic
Bravo-Kompanie TF 538 Germany
Granite 74 TF 538 Germany
Task Force THOR TF 538 Belgium
DarkHorses Slovenia TF 538 Slovenia
MERC TF 538 Slovenia
DevT6 TF 538 Slovenia
D.S.O. TF 538 Czech Republic
S.A.V.E. TF 538 Czech Republic
173rd Abn.Bde.Praha TF 538 Czech Republic
GSG Villagers Czech Republic

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