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Date: 13.-15.4.2018

Registration Start: 9.7. 2017 - 20:00

 Last tickets remaining - game almost full

Border War Black Ops 6: OP Mist Creeper

September 22-24.9.2017

Registration Opened

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Bishop Security Ltd. PMC units

Main goal of the Bishop Security is focus on diamon logistics and processing busines and connected missions, from logististics to maintenance to protection all what is needed to safely operate bussines with raw diamonds. Some contract might be as well focused on some tactical level official governmental missions and meabe some under the table focusing on something not that official.

Main Targets:

  • Execute contract missions
  • Fulfill economic goals
  • Keep the main office running


50% Larp expected – 50% Combat

This game side is developed for people who wish to have fun LARPing and who also have intensive game experience. It is not recommended for players who don’t want to LARP and interact with other people; if you prefer more shooting over LARPing choose either the rebel or the army game side.

The game side requires disciplined players to fullfill rules of engagement.

Dress code:

Mandatory: Base ball cap

Body: Olive or Coyote Brown 5.11 style trousers, Polo shirts, Non camo jackets, all types of equipment harness. Civlian trousers also allowed.

Forbidden: Black baseball caps and black tops

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